Radio Left Wing Terrorists

Good afternoon music heads. This installment of music is awesome, you will inevitably like the following, do yourself a favor, embrace it!

All hail the might sonic siren that runs our world

Portugal. The Man – Day Man

This song is so damn beautiful. Charlie Kelly fans only.

Saint Etienne – Heart Failed

This is a sad song, just incase that last song go you too pumped up, which it should have.

L’Homme Run – Pizza Party

This is an old song but new news to me. Before their was Vampire Weekend, there was L’Homme Run. A low quality rap group from Columbia University. This song is pretty funny though, there are some good lines for sure.

DMX – Ruff Ryder’s Anthem

If you are blessed to know the show Rick and Morty then you have a soul (good job!). Hopefully you know the episode where April works for the devil. At the end of that episode Rick makes her feel better by getting swole off of roids with her and then beating up the devil. The song they use is a DMX song that is perfect for getting swole too. This is a good complimentary song. Pump to this, and pump to DMX in general, he makes music for that. Also I’m afraid people are forgetting DMX, don’t let that happen.

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael – Fung Brothers

There’s a little bit of an Asian Frat Bro feel to this song. But I like it, and its fun to see which of these foods I’ve eaten, and which I like.

Phoenix – Bankrupt! (Gesaffelstein Remix)

I really like the dark ethereal feel of this song. Its long and strung out, but it feels right. Best new Phoenix remix in a while for my money.

Mattafix – Big City Life (LEEX Remix)

Mattafix is an act you may have heard of, I’m a little beat up they folded. The original song is very solid, it has a good dance hall element going on. But this remix is a good feel, its upbeat but without any forced pretense. I don’t know LEEX so this is a good intro to both of these parties.

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