Do big cats (the wild and scary kind) like marmite?

Do Terror-Leaches like to eat worms whole?

What is the best kind of public infrastructure?

It has something to do with beer!

Does your local Thai place of the Royal Thai Government’s seal of approval?

Because the Thai government is serious about global quality control

Just a whole lot about how bad the NY Fed is


The CIA + Starbucks = Kafka

Crazy, not quite turrible

My Godmother wrote this

And she is perfect so you will like it! It deals with the inborn story telling/narrative creating that is indelible to being human.

Differences between the day to day life styles of the rich and poor

What they have in common is the most telling. The human condition…

Cisco systems helps China torture dissidents, no one is talking about it and the US isn’t doing anything about it. 

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