Lots of Interesting Nice (web-based) Knick-knacks

I bough Sperry Topsider shoes this week. I love Sperry boat shoes, I just do. My vegan friend game me some shit for it though! So I did some research, here’s where you get your vegan styling clothing if that’s your thing. This stuff isn’t even that expensive, though most of it is off-brand. I probably won’t give up Sperry shoes, but I’m all for ethical sourcing and that grab bag.

http://www.fairwear.org  http://www.veganchic.com www.thediscerningbrute.com

A story about coming out from behind the veil

A very interesting article about a woman’s choice to take off the hijab and live her life. It traces the social history of Egypt, and psychology of being covered up. The critical line: “If a woman could choose to wear a miniskirt, surely I could choose to cover my hair? I wanted people to address my mind and to not objectify me, I would say. Ultimately, I could not sustain that line of thinking because, as a feminist, I demanded that people address my mind and not objectify me, regardless of how I dressed.”

What is sufficient for satire?

A modern convention of the left is that everything is political. It is not rare to hear POC or queer writers arguing that their merely loving/living is revolutionary. It may well be that my privilege is showing here, but adding the tediousness of politics to the mundane reality of eating breakfast before work seems, boorish, excessively reverent. Thus satire, often politically charged, is a battleground for political thought, and the very framing for that thought. I think the opinions herein are liberating a beautiful spectacle from a dower frame.

Good Technology Alienates You

People complain that social media creates faded friendship, shadows of what we once had. People complain that we spend too much time on our phones, when we are right in front of each other. Facebook and the iPhone are also incredibly popular. This article tries to tie it all together.

The Internet is a radical place, but one still dominated by the people dominating the outside world – A study in memes

They looked at people. People got paid to do this. Academics get paid to look at memes all day. I should have been a sociology major in college because that’s all I did anyway.

The US gets some moral high ground back

When the US holds itself, and those acting on its behalf, accountable, I am very happy. So the sentencing of some of our war criminals is awesome. Stuff like this may be the thing that makes me proudest about this nation, because so few do it. I really hope the (sadly) inevitable wars that we fight in the future will have an oversight system that builds on this justice.

Video games? In my classroom?

Suck it teachers! The military has used simulations to teach for a long time now, and that political theory where benefits are conferred to US civilians through the military has it right again! Soon enough we will learn through precious precious video games.

I have long maintained that a small chin is an ‘(highly) evolved chin.’

I point out the exceptionally wee ones, even to the consternation of my paramours. Anyway, science backs me up, again. AS ALWAYS.

The sexual rights of dementia patients, debated

If you want to go reading some moral quandary stuff, here you go. The man wants to sleep with his wife. The children say that the wife can no longer consent. Science says that some dementia have very high sex drives, whereas others lose that urge. For the ones that want it, it is said that the touch and affection can powerfully meaningful and healthy. Read this one for sure.

A useful guide for managing your glycamic load

That is, if you are interesting in managing the levels of cortisol and insulin in your body, then check this out. The lower, the better, unless you are aiming for type 2 diabetes.

The chef of the future

IBM’s Watson computer is now creating amazingly outlandish recipes. Check some out, it sources them from flavor profiles from all around the world.

The best American business is (drum-roll)

Quick tip, it is why lobbying will be so hard to regulate going forward in the US.

Maintenance Sex is important to a relationship

You may not want to have sex, but if you want to stay together. You’ll want to go and have that sex.

The left-right paradigm is almost universal

Which makes sense, since they have found strong predictive factors for this political split that are universal throughout humanity. But this sort of political divide does not have to mean war and governmental dysfunction.

Is the happiness gap following the wage gap in the US?

Kinda, but not so much, not as much as you would think. Consumer choice makes people happy. A very interesting read.

Baddass of the week:

Civil Asset Forfeiture is when you are legally robbed. The cops can, for any reason, stop you and take your stuff. Under any flimsy pretext of illegality that can be thought up, they can keep it. To get it back, your stuff goes on trial, and it is presumed to be guilty, and you have to pay to prove the innocence of your stuff. Susanna Martinez, governor of New Mexico, has changed that in her state!

(Special shoutout to this American hero)

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