An encyclopedia of last week

No filler, just everything ever that happened in the last 7-days

How to eat in a water-scarce america

California is running out of water, but californians still need to eat. This is also just the beginning, many places will run out of water, but they will still need to eat. This is a guide for finding the least water intensive diet you can stick to. Eggs, spuds and greens.

J.P. Morgan has an algorithm to detect rogue traders – before they rogue.

In order to minimize legal costs, not because it is the right thing to do, JPM is running out a way to identify traders who are the most likely to operate outside of the law, and endure a fine. I guess this is regulation working – good! It is super creepy that Minority Report stuff can end your career now.

Kenyan TV takes on NGOs

NGOs are ubiquitous in africa, and their presence is growing. Also growing, is the general feeling that so much of what they do is useless and wasteful. Kenyan satirists get a chance to flex their frustration and make fun of this hopefully and least benign institution.

The hottest thing in board games

The New Yorker picks up the surge in popularity for a game form that was once just for children. Europeans have pioneered a new type of game, in the Risk/Diplomacy tradition that focus on strategy, but try to keep games to about an hour of play time.

A survey of matriarchal societies in the natural world

What does it look like when animals naturally organize around a female power structure? The answers are telling, if varied. The closest structure, to ours, I would posit is Orca society. I think they are more wolf-like than we are, we have more Bottle-nose in us, in my not at all a professional opinion.

DNA alone is insufficient to explain heritability

This would be a pretty prickly problem for modern science, how to you explain it? Except for the answer, proteins called ‘histones,’ are what DNA wraps itself around. These proteins govern how DNA acts, decreasing some of the randomness that might otherwise gunk up the evolutionary process.

The pentagon is thinking of making it easier to become a citizen

Sorry, this link is gated. But it is a cool story, and my friend Asim is featured.

New Arrested Development!

Weird, I didn’t know there was any remaining fan outcry for more, but it looks like new episodes may be on the way.

The most famous artist is an asian woman

Yayoi Kusama, ladies and gentlemen! Winner of 2014 museum attendance in the art world

The labyrinth of regulation, hair braiding style

A Dallas woman has spent time in prison, and spend too much in taxes and fees in order to make her living braiding hair. Forbes follows the plight of people who want to be entrepreneurs, who want to practice traditional forms of hair management or therapy, but who are met with insane road blocks. There is good regulation, and then there’s this. A good lens a the politics of licensing.

How the internet of things will allow regulatory creep into every day lives

Unless we do something about it! Of course… After reading about the praxis that hair salons can undergo, this is a look at the future. As the ‘internet of things,’ as it is called, enters more and more of our things, government bureaucracy will likely follow. What does that mean, what will that look like?

A moment of victory and surrender for a D.C. gadfly

A touching and personal story of a man, who, if nothing else, has a tremendous amount of passion. Someone who cares about his community, and will make, at least in the eyes of many others, an ass of himself, in order to get his point across. He celebrates legal weed in D.C., but may have to give on one of his convictions and watch a baseball game in the city he calls home.

The Congressman overseeing the secret service, was denied from said service.

Self-explanatory and totally embarrassing. But hardly surprising given the people who run congress. Hopefully he won’t be able to screw too much up.

Good guy of the week:

The judge who sent a torturer to face justice.

An former US ally who over-saw torture and terror was hiding from justice in the US. Now he will have to face justice, even though some saw him as a defender of freedom. I’m glad this fascist won’t be protected anymore.

Two films I just found about and want to see

Nine Scenes from Anti-Imperialistic Self-Defense
About the life of Franz Fannon, a revolutionary anti-colonial thinker
Ex Machina
Looks like a cool piece of modern sci-fi


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