They are running out of internet

It will soon all be gone

Think long and deep and hard, how can you better serve our robo-masters?

Because robo-consciousness is here, and ‘Hector’ is going to change everything.

I feel like I may have covered this guy before, but it is still a stunning story

A con artist who gave away ‘millions,’ was treated like royalty when he was really a fraud, and never broke the law. He’s a nut, but also, like, legally.

Anglo-Saxon’s teach modern medicine a thing or two about eye care

Pharoic Egypt and the Islamic Golden and considered two of the finest eras, previous to our own, to be the recipient of medical care. The European Middle Ages are thought to be rather the opposite on the scale of medical know how, and certainly no one has looked to the war-like saxons for great things of this nature. But a new find is turning prevailing theories of germanic science on their heads.

Literally the opposite of vindictive justice

Liberal, hell, libertine is what my gut reaction to the Norwegian penal system is. I have a hard time thinking that the place they call prison could be worse than many of the free l

This weeks minor miracle worker: maybe minor is unfair

And his antipodian doppelgänger: the canadian

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