5 songs I liked enough to post right here

Just being honest ya’ll

I get to see Slow Magic tonight, which is really good because I didn’t see him in NYC and I felt very guilty about that.

SNBRN – Raindrops Feat. Kerli

This song has been all up in my head since I first heard it. It is a great example of good house. The female vocals are smooth, layered perfectly over the music so as to pull you into the beat, not to be overwhelmed or distract from it. The hooks are not dumb-simple, but catchy and evocative. The beat is fast but not hard to move to, it isn’t over-engineered, but it builds and breaks down fluidly without becoming boring. I guess this song could be heavier, but I’m happy with it.

Shelton Brothers – Deep Elem Blues

Deep Ellum is the little corner of Dallas that I call home. Its a historic part of town, it has been the scene of Dallas’ best music and music history for the best part of the 20th century. T-Bone Walker and Blind Lemon Jefferson plied their trade here early on. Dallas’ rap seen was all over this area before the man shut it down. This here song is a depression era tune, but the colorful description of where I live is awesome. This whole song is awesome, the banjo solo included.

Fine Corinthian Leather – Charlie Hunter

To call this song smooth would be to undersell it. Its a very long jam, almost perfectly orchestrated for the guitarist to take his time, find his groove, and play himself out. But the composition is awesome, the organ gives it soul, the bassist plays an interesting line and this is just a fine song right here.

Le train pour Memphis – Jenny Rock

She’s like the French Canadien version of Dusty Springfield. But this happens in, I’m gonna say the 70s so its got more beat. I like the horn section, I like the  bass. I think I like the vocals, her voice as an instrument is more than competent. A cool little didy this one

Kodaline – Honest (Kid Arkade Remix)

Gonna be honest, this is kinda generic hard electro, but I was feeling it when I first heard it. It least the remix is better than the original. The song isn’t really that hard, but the break goes for that. Its tempo is more house-y.

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One Response to 5 songs I liked enough to post right here

  1. robinwow says:

    Shelton Bros sound great. Sounds like Deep Elem has a seamy history.

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