Fun Links for Fun People

Loads of information!

Sign langauge has accents

I suppose this makes sense, an accent is just a local style after all. I wonder if it is harder to mask your accent when speaking or signing. I would guess when speaking because the tongue can be so inflexible.

The weird world of child porn laws

What is and isn’t legal isn’t always clear. Nor is what should or shouldn’t be legal. This is the last type of law I would ever want to work in.

How do we find the value of museums

Using social media is a good start. I’m going to be working on this professionally, anything I write will obviously be posted.

Greg Greenwald goes in for the win against Krugman

In a spat over government meddling in media, objectivity and what is and isn’t corruption, Greenwald lays down the law. This is part of a larger conversation that reminds me that this media-scape is oh so terrible.

Amazing Crow (Native American Tribe) elder

I want to read his book, he is amazingly badass.

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1 Response to Fun Links for Fun People

  1. robinwow says:

    There’s a wee obvious spelling error in the first link !

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