The best links on the internet, right here

Jeez Louise its technically Thursday. But these links aren’t stale I swear, these are fresh and good and worth the wait.

Today in Awesome Petty Political Brinkmanship

They took Putin’s netflix away!

Wasps are Terrifying!

Mind controlling caterpillars, taking over viruses and shaking scientist’s faith in god.

Race and Climate Change Opinions in America

A common critique of the green movement is that it is lilly white. New data may make us reassess that charge.

How to Travel in Europe and Find your Soulmate/Procreation Partner

This program has given rise to over one million babies since 1987 and boasts a successful marriage rate of over 25%!

How American Cities Will Handle Climate Change

Or why Anchorage is going to be an up and coming city pretty soon. If you are looking into buying land this is also a really important article to read.

Measuring Credibility, Warmth and Competence 

There’s a lot of meat to this study, a lot to read into, and probably to take issue with. The study was undertaken with the issue of science communication in mind. It turns out that non-Neil DeGrass Tyson scientists have a real problem on their hands. Another interesting tidbit is that prostitutes are regarded as a relatively incompetent group. I don’t have much to add to that discussion, I’ve never entered the market, but maybe that’s a subconscious reason why.

Private and Intellectual Right Property meets Counter Cultural and sometimes Illegal Art

Graffiti comes from the streets and is borne as an expression against. The modern art form creates something new out of the ashes of urban spaces waisted by a capitalist system. Now the system is taking the work of the artists and monetizing it. How should graffiti artists respond? Ought they to use intellectual property laws they abhor to defend their work? A very interesting piece.

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