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New Research into the causes of addiction

Addiction seems to be a reaction to environment. It isn’t that some drugs aren’t very potent, and that some people are more susceptible to addiction based on genetics, but these factors are far smaller than we’ve been led to believe. For the majority of people afflicted with this disease their dependency is a method of escaping a stressful and unpleasant environment. Combating feelings of isolation and despair may very well be the best ways curing addicts.

The extent of the American Empire

Where has the United States gotten its hands dirty? All over the damn place! This nation operates in a clandestine way all across the world, violating the sovereignty of peoples and nations with total impunity. The taoist in me cannot see how calm and peace are to be achieved when this nation is stirring things up all around.

The Democrat Bias in Media

Two big draws from this. The media is disturbingly dominated by the democrats. Now this isn’t just, “oh we need republicans too,” though I suppose some balance might not be bad – more Ross Douthat wouldn’t be terrible. I am more concerned that the fourth estate is so beholden to the mainstream parties at all. The media would be a better check on the political system is the votes were distributed not more evenly between the two major parties, but among many points of view, so that a more clear and complete vision of the power structure could exist. More journalists should vote libertarian, green, socialist, independence party and so on.

Why do some females prefer ‘lower class’ males?

Traditionally marriage and mate-pairing has been a way to reinforce class/caste. When this norm is violated the male is usually the one coming from the lower class. This study shows that when the male is from the lower end of the hierarchy, the probability of the pairing having favorable outcomes actually increases.

Income Inequality by State

America was becoming uniformly more equal by the time FDR took over, and it has uniformly lost these gains since the Reagan Revolution. Now the issue is more complex than all that – long term decreases in unionization, opening of global markets and changes in corporate governance structures all play roles. No single presidency or party can be blamed for these changes, and the democrats couldn’t even come out looking good in call this, they controlled the congress throughout the 80s after all.

Should Wikipedia Depict Muhammed?

This is a fantastic look at the politics of depicting controversial figures, as well as the inner workings of one of the most important websites in human history. Both topics are fraught with danger, though obviously one is more immediately dangerous. I think that wikipedia’s influence has life altering capacity, though in less obvious ways.

You thought that banks learned from the last crisis?

WRONG all the stupid crap they did last time isn’t going anywhere. I’m seriously thinking about doing something with my money that isn’t stock related, this shakes my confidence in stocks.

Not everyone who is stopped by the NYPD and found to have a weapon gets arrested

Take a wild guess which class of citizen gets off most often.

Fans of Kill La Kill will like this, and so will fans of metallurgy, otherwise move on

You know what dubstep, you have a place, we’ve found it, its in videos of smelting and forging



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