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A nerdy guy talks about the false equivalency between the damage done by feminists and the damage done females

The author approaches the topic from a rather narrow angle, from the nerdy-internet guy’s perspective. But I think his logic is pretty clear, and his conclusions are universal. I believe his argument could be made in pretty much all general situations, so I’m sharing it.

Social Inequality is nuts

You can name the people who own the world now. I doubt this list actually controls the world. There are certainly people behind the scenes who control capital without explicitly owning it. You have less risk (its not your money!) but you don’t get to give it to your estate. I’m sure these shadow billionaires do alright anyway.

Can we cure corruption?

The obvious answer is yes. Thankfully this is a really good piece that is worth reading, even if you know the answer. Scientifically speaking, you will like this piece simply because it backs up your preconceived notion of the world.

Economic Evidence for Love

Based on bargaining theory, and really this all comes down to having perfect information. The better informed you are of your spouse’s state of happiness, the better able you are to interact with them. This means making them happy, and getting what you want from them without breaking the camel’s back.

Snowden on Cyber Warfare

It is a video, and he comes with the Russian captive/stooge caveat. I still think he’s a voice worth listening too. I know it hasn’t come, and we all hope it doesn’t, but should/if/when the great powers go to war, I cannot see how the cyber component doesn’t win the fight.

This article sums up my opinions on free trade agreements, as well as innovative tech

“The key is to recognize that disruptive new technologies produce large social gains and private losses simultaneously. These gains and losses can be reconfigured in a manner that benefits everyone. Just as with the earlier reinvention of capitalism, the state must play a large role.” I mean: BOOM

Using ‘nudging’ to improve school outcomes

Focusing on how to change the behavior of students. So many kids are checked out when they are in school. There is not a lot schools can do, they only have the kids for so long, and too often the school is used as a resented baby sitter. But, there are methods for changing in-school behavior, as well as school-related behavior, that these institutions can use.

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