I read the internet, all of it, here is what you need to know

Virtuous Violence

The key takeaway here: “That could lead some people to say, “Let’s lock ’em up and throw away the key.” But you suggest our criminal justice system should focus less on punishment and more on changing attitudes”

The FDA Hid My Science Away, it really does need reform

I support food regulation and such. I think its obvious why. Companies have been proven too willing to experiment on humans in the free market without some friendly regulatory nudging keeping them in check. But at this point, I think it is safe to say the FDA should be blown up, and new, smarter and leaner regulation should be written.

Social Scientists Show the Problem, and Offer a Solution

It doesn’t matter how many people say money in politics is free speech. It isn’t, and it certainly isn’t democratic. And as the link above shows, its terrible for democracy. Thankfully, unlike so many problems highlighted here, there is also a solution at hand! But it isn’t a silver bullet.

The Feel Good Story of the Link Dump

An indigenous group in Brazil is winning its campaign to defend its sovereign land against the claims of big oil. This is an existential fight for the Sarayaku, who face all but extinction. As Chomsky will show further down, this isn’t the goal of big Chevron, or Shell of G.G.C, they just want the oil. They need the oil, and the destruction of the people is of no consequence if they can face legal/PR considerations below the market value of the oil.

Understanding Imgur

A primer, for one of the internet’s prime communities. It was more fun back in the day to be honest. If you know all of this, you’re read for all of the internet that isn’t on a number based chan system. Stay away from those places anyway

The False Claim That Inequality Rose During the Great Recession?

This is a great paper. Even republicans have gotten on the inequality issue, and they are trying to use it as a cudgel to hit Obama with. Using unique ways of looking at the data, they show that income inequality hasn’t been rising like we’re told, because of Obama’s policies, which they show has had some good effects on the middle class. They also show that the talking points of most political parties are bunk. Good stuff!

Did This City Bring Down Its Murder Rate by Paying People Not to Kill?

Yes, yes it did. It is a very cool story. They use a partial min-come policy, so more fuel for the fire baby!

How to Make Yourself Go to the Gym

I need to figure this one out, haha. Actually I have fount that the key is to have a girl friend who demands that you take selfies from the gym every day.

This is a seminal paper on disruptive technologies

Clayton M. Christensen, in 1995, wrote this paper that still is relevant to the way businesses are innovating today. He is an all around great thinker.

Read Nassim Taleb (author of The Black Swan, and Anti-Fragile)

And this article will appear as a work of wonder. It challenges perceived notions of risk, exposure and tolerance to adversity.

Bill O’reilly has his own Brian Williams incident

Seriously, tell the world. This guy is a dick. He is lying about his experiences as a reporter in Argentina and in El Salvador to boost his credibility. If Williams is going down for this, which is whatever in my mind, then Bill should too!

You though sunscreen was all it took to protect your skin from radiation

THINK AGAIN! There is latent radiation that can last something like 8 hours after initial exposure. They have found an anti-oxidant that blacks nefarious lose electrons, but no medicine is online yet.

I have seen incest stories in the media, so this argument is important

I want to write a broader article about sexual morality, and what I think is and isn’t ok. This article does a good job of dealing with everything that is wrong about parent-child sexual relations, and tackles the term “genetic sexual attraction.” Think about it this way, the parent is always going to be the one responsible, because they are always the parent, and some things wont change with age. This will not change, unless the parent looses lucidity, and which point anything sexual would constitute elder abuse.

Some of Chomsky’s wisdom

“All of this is imminent. And at this very moment the logic of our institutions is driving it forward. So Exxon Mobil, which is the biggest energy producer, has announced — and you can’t really criticize them for it; this is the nature of the state capitalist system, its logic — that they are going to direct all of their efforts to lifting fossil fuels, because that’s profitable. In effect, that’s exactly what they should be doing, given the institutional framework. They’re supposed to make profits. And if that wipes out the possibility of a decent life for the grandchildren, it’s not their problem.”

This sounds like a pretty good use of $40

Evaluations of heterodox claims. These professional scientists went and studied the weird crazy stuff that needed to be tested.

gender and humor:

Society perceives men as funnier, and its a social construction

The length of your fingers correlates with how men treat women, and promiscuity

The reward for reading down this far:

Poetry (listen to this, seriously!)

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Drowning in quality reading

I have failed, I have not read all the links fit to read

Read them for me, won’t you?

Problems with major marijuana use

Newsflash, extreme usage of hallucinogen can have negative long term effects. This is obviously bad news for a number of people, but anyone who thinks this is a good reason to enforce cannabis prohibition is a fool. Lots and lots of things should not be used very heavily. Weed is one of them

Football, explained by nerds, for nerds

If you consider the coach a wizard, and the player cards from a “magic the gathering” type game, then the strategy follows naturally. For those of you who care for that rather than raw athletic talent anyway.

Is there a way to treat the homeless with more dignity?

Obviously! And the method of helping them, giving a home, is actually far cheaper in the long run. The initial cost of housing the homeless, unconditionally, is cheaper than dealing with the issues that develop on the streets.

The story of the man behind email encryption

I would love to see market forces clear up his issues. You absolutely must read this article to see why he’s going broke, and why this is crazy.

Why English is THE language of science

In the past polymaths and assorted scientists were also required to be polyglots. The French Curies had a lock down on nuclear science, the germans DOMINATED the field of rocket science, but now even the Japanese publish in English. The last time one language was so ubiquitous in the scientists everything was written in latin (at least in the West). What happened along the way.

Pop Music is KILLING US

It is not literally killing us, but it is making the quality of life objectively worse. This isn’t a surprise, it works in our minds, on a chemical level, like an addictive substance. It is awful.

I love me some mincome/universal income/etc…

I need to write an article about this topic myself.

I haven’t even had time to read these articles, but I want to get there soon:

Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006–2010

Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person (I’ve grown to be interested in the topics this author pics out)

The Myth of the Absent Black Father

Detroit, Democracy, America

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Software That Helps Businesses Rid Their Supply Chains of Slave Labor

Don’t Be Like That: Does black culture need to be reformed?

The Unplumbed Depths of Government Data

How Medium is Building a New Kind of Company with no Managers 

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist


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Better Late than Never Radio

Haha meant to publish this friday

Bantu feat. Nneka – “I’m Waiting”

I think I was linked to this song based on an article about political music in Africa. This song details the frustration and despair people in Nigeria feel towards their political situation. The standout to me here was Nneka, her voice was powerful and soulful. The rest of the song was effective at communicating its message, but not much more. The beat was clichéd for this kind of rap, and Bantu didn’t really stand out to me.

NNEKA – My Home

So I looked into more of Nneka’s music, and I found this amazing song. This album was produced when she moved to Germany from Nigera, and the production value is stronger. Because this song is hers, she can really show off her voice, her range of vocal talents, and her range are really put on display, and are impressive. She hasn’t sold out by going to Europe either, she still tackles the issues of frustration and despair that exist in Africa. The subject matter is very dark, and if I have any criticism it is that the lyrics are a bit mismatched with the more upbeat reggae-inspired instrumentals.

Cardinal Rex Lawson – 3 different songs

Cardinal Rex Lawson was a leading figure as decolonization was taking place in Nigeria. His music spoke to the general wave of freedom that took over, as well as the social and ethnic issues that his nation would face. If you like this, which you should, check out highlife, the genre that he was the master of.

Fuse ODG ft. Tiffany – Azonto

Modern West-African music obviously also has a pop element to it. Azonto is the dance dejour of the early 2010s and this song shows you how its done. Colorful, joyful, and modern, its very awesome. And if you can work out how to do that dance well, you will probably be able to get laid on demand, so that’s nice. Also see Wizkid’s take, which is also great, but feels too sanitized compared to Fuse’s version.

P-Square – Alingo

P-Square isn’t from Nigeria, or Ghana where Azonto comes from, so when he made a foray into the genre he turned some heads. I chose Alingo to play for you to prevent azonto from completely taking over. P-Square is making a very modern, club-oriented product, and the music video combines the lovely african fascination with leather culture and a fun up-beat club aesthetic.


Now for something completely different

20Syl – On And On

I have sung the praises of 20Syl before, and the rest of this post will continue that. Previously 20Syl was known to me as a producer, but it turns out the guy and rap as well. I cannot understand French, but he has a solid flow, and the production is top notch, of course.

C2C – Essential Mix

So 20Syl started out as a founder of C2C, a french turntablist crew. They stay very true to the rap hip-hop side of scratching and mixing, not really getting into more electric stuff, like an A-Track or someone like that. This put together a really nice 30+ minute mix here, anyone with an appreciation for rap will love this, everything you know from it is primo, and anything you don’t know, we’ll you’ll be glad you do when its all over.

Hocus Pocus – Zoo

So 20Syl is/was also part of a group, Hocus Pocus, that focused on jazz-influenced rap. Now I LOVE jazz, and I love a well produced rap song. Seeing that I think 20Syl is a filthy producer, it should be clear that I am all over this project. I chose Zoo up there because I love this celebratory feel, the horn section, I don’t need to know French to be happy when this song comes on. But Hocus Pocus made a lot of really fun songs.

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A week’s worth of internetting all in one convenient location

I crammed a lot of interesting links into this post

Vietnam eats a lot of cats – But lets not pretend that westerners don’t eat any

Would you try Cat meat?

Croatia tries bailing out the poor

Remembering that aggregate demand is really important for economic growth, Croatia is liberating hundreds of thousands of consumers from debt. As a result the poor will have a chance to live better lives and participate in the economy once again. I bet this is the best thing done for the Croatian economy is years.

The Value of Hierarchy 

In pressure situations, top down order pays big dividends. Which is why the army always stresses discipline. But now there is science behind the intuition, proven in real life in combat, and now in mountain climbing.

Whales are still super cool

They have sensory organs we can’t even imagine. I think of whales as big ol bags of wisdom chilling out in the sea. I feel like the big one can spend their entire lives meditating, because the tides bring them their food.

Is public radio too white?

Well it sounds too white! At least that is what this self-reflective NPR piece finds

The stories aging whales can tell us

And we don’t even speak whale yet! The key is in their scars, which is crazy dark, but they are really more like whale-wrinkles.

We know a whole lot more about sports than science, so we’ll all die of the pox

This will speak for itself

Moving can have damaging effects on children’s mental health

This makes sense. Losing the comfort of home, and the only friends you have would of course being damaging to young children. I would say that the severity of the move would obviously impact the severity of the mental damage.

Are there anti-science biases that are predominantly liberal?

Nope, but there are some that are ‘bi-partisan’ though, so the media should figure that out.

The social science of conspiracy theories

It turns out that people who are anti-science are more likely to be into conspiracy theories

The best part of America, post-climate change

It will be the Pacific Northwest. But not the corner of washington known as Walla Walla, that place is going to suck.

The libertarian case for enforcing vaccines

Basically, if you believe that a role of government is to ensure public safety, then vaccinations falls under that purview

Books to check out:

Too big to fail? Too big for justice

The history of vaccinations in the United States


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Super Bowl Sunday Sound Fiesta

Music Music Music

Fuego feat. El Potro Alvarez – Una Vaina Loca

Its a Spanish-Language version of “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian!!! This means that this song is fantastic, and it is, its just as good if not better than the original. Dance Dance Dance to this bad boy.


So the title and hyperlink are of the remix to the very good song in the video. I couldn’t really decide which one to post here, so both go up. Beautiful voice, and while the accompanying sound is different in each version, both work well with her voice. They back her up and push the song forward nicely. Try each one, my favorite depends on the mood.

Rae Morris – Cold feat. Fryars

My friend Eliel reminded me that this song exists, and is fantastic. Great vocal performances. Has that ‘somebody that  I used to know’ post breakup feel, but this feels more earnest. The video is weird, but not in the peak-hipster way that Gotye did his, which was so easy to parody.

Royal – Round Two feat. Desktop

This here is a nice rap song, solid hook, bouncy beat backing it up. Its a love song of sorts, so Desktop (the producer) made something light, to match the subject matter. It sounds like it a mash up of old nintendo video game soundtracks.

Timbuktu Official Trailer

This is the trailer to a film. I had no idea if the film is going to be good, I’m not promoting it here. What I am promoting is the trailer, because it has some beautiful Malian music in it. And Mali has some of the best music ever, so don’t you EVER forget that.


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These are all very important links for you to look at

New Research into the causes of addiction

Addiction seems to be a reaction to environment. It isn’t that some drugs aren’t very potent, and that some people are more susceptible to addiction based on genetics, but these factors are far smaller than we’ve been led to believe. For the majority of people afflicted with this disease their dependency is a method of escaping a stressful and unpleasant environment. Combating feelings of isolation and despair may very well be the best ways curing addicts.

The extent of the American Empire

Where has the United States gotten its hands dirty? All over the damn place! This nation operates in a clandestine way all across the world, violating the sovereignty of peoples and nations with total impunity. The taoist in me cannot see how calm and peace are to be achieved when this nation is stirring things up all around.

The Democrat Bias in Media

Two big draws from this. The media is disturbingly dominated by the democrats. Now this isn’t just, “oh we need republicans too,” though I suppose some balance might not be bad – more Ross Douthat wouldn’t be terrible. I am more concerned that the fourth estate is so beholden to the mainstream parties at all. The media would be a better check on the political system is the votes were distributed not more evenly between the two major parties, but among many points of view, so that a more clear and complete vision of the power structure could exist. More journalists should vote libertarian, green, socialist, independence party and so on.

Why do some females prefer ‘lower class’ males?

Traditionally marriage and mate-pairing has been a way to reinforce class/caste. When this norm is violated the male is usually the one coming from the lower class. This study shows that when the male is from the lower end of the hierarchy, the probability of the pairing having favorable outcomes actually increases.

Income Inequality by State

America was becoming uniformly more equal by the time FDR took over, and it has uniformly lost these gains since the Reagan Revolution. Now the issue is more complex than all that – long term decreases in unionization, opening of global markets and changes in corporate governance structures all play roles. No single presidency or party can be blamed for these changes, and the democrats couldn’t even come out looking good in call this, they controlled the congress throughout the 80s after all.

Should Wikipedia Depict Muhammed?

This is a fantastic look at the politics of depicting controversial figures, as well as the inner workings of one of the most important websites in human history. Both topics are fraught with danger, though obviously one is more immediately dangerous. I think that wikipedia’s influence has life altering capacity, though in less obvious ways.

You thought that banks learned from the last crisis?

WRONG all the stupid crap they did last time isn’t going anywhere. I’m seriously thinking about doing something with my money that isn’t stock related, this shakes my confidence in stocks.

Not everyone who is stopped by the NYPD and found to have a weapon gets arrested

Take a wild guess which class of citizen gets off most often.

Fans of Kill La Kill will like this, and so will fans of metallurgy, otherwise move on

You know what dubstep, you have a place, we’ve found it, its in videos of smelting and forging



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5 songs I liked enough to post right here

Just being honest ya’ll

I get to see Slow Magic tonight, which is really good because I didn’t see him in NYC and I felt very guilty about that.

SNBRN – Raindrops Feat. Kerli

This song has been all up in my head since I first heard it. It is a great example of good house. The female vocals are smooth, layered perfectly over the music so as to pull you into the beat, not to be overwhelmed or distract from it. The hooks are not dumb-simple, but catchy and evocative. The beat is fast but not hard to move to, it isn’t over-engineered, but it builds and breaks down fluidly without becoming boring. I guess this song could be heavier, but I’m happy with it.

Shelton Brothers – Deep Elem Blues

Deep Ellum is the little corner of Dallas that I call home. Its a historic part of town, it has been the scene of Dallas’ best music and music history for the best part of the 20th century. T-Bone Walker and Blind Lemon Jefferson plied their trade here early on. Dallas’ rap seen was all over this area before the man shut it down. This here song is a depression era tune, but the colorful description of where I live is awesome. This whole song is awesome, the banjo solo included.

Fine Corinthian Leather – Charlie Hunter

To call this song smooth would be to undersell it. Its a very long jam, almost perfectly orchestrated for the guitarist to take his time, find his groove, and play himself out. But the composition is awesome, the organ gives it soul, the bassist plays an interesting line and this is just a fine song right here.

Le train pour Memphis – Jenny Rock

She’s like the French Canadien version of Dusty Springfield. But this happens in, I’m gonna say the 70s so its got more beat. I like the horn section, I like the  bass. I think I like the vocals, her voice as an instrument is more than competent. A cool little didy this one

Kodaline – Honest (Kid Arkade Remix)

Gonna be honest, this is kinda generic hard electro, but I was feeling it when I first heard it. It least the remix is better than the original. The song isn’t really that hard, but the break goes for that. Its tempo is more house-y.

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