Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Mix)

This is an old song I wanted to put up here. Back when Foster The People was the best, and RAC was new and pretty much only did good remixes, this came out. The break when the lyrics go “sometimes I wanna disappear…” reminds of the dancing I would like to do back when I listened to the Klaxons.

High You Are (Branchez Remix) – What So Not

I somehow missed this way back when, so I’m trying to remedy that. I really like What So Not, and this is a nice remix of their work. This comes out sounding pretty unique. I like when a song has particular flavor.

Alt-J plays ‘Breezeblocks’ for Like A Version

Just a nice live version of Breezeblocks

The Jazzual Suspects – This Beat

This is a simple beat, but its beautiful, contemplative and uses modern mixing techniques well. Of course the stand out is the Jack Kerouac. It sounds like Gene Wilder is narrating Kerouac’s written jazz. I want to listen to this in San Francisco with a passion I will not be able to communicate to you.

I really haven’t been listening to enough music :/

10 Hours! Of:

Nightcore – Colours Of The Rainbow

There isn’t a lot to add to this. This is super high energy sleep fighting music.

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