The return of the link

New content, mercifully new! An interesting coterie of things here. I highly recommend the article on words for anyone writing. A lot of imagery and inspiration there for you.

They (Robots) Took Our Jobs

Or why the coming second robotic age won’t be so bad after all. Well, it could be great, for everyone across every income level, if we actually listen to Larry Summer. This doesn’t need to be radical to work!

A broad vision for better policing

The first part of the list is sort of meaningless, but the other 4 suggestions are really quite critical. De-militarize, reorient accountability, and the policies that criminalize common and non-harmful behavior.

An interesting history of the bra

The bra has been around for a very long time. It has gone in (Greece) and out (the Middle Ages) of fashion, and gone from function to form to both.

Born in the computer age, read in the stone age

Well I suppose its more like reading in the post-Gutenberg era. I myself hate reading on a kindle, and I suppose I’d take a paper over reading an article on the computer. Not that I have to make that choice often.

Chicago has had its own “Black Site’ run by a real live former CIA interrogator

You get a civil rights violation! You get a civil rights violation! You get a civil rights violation! Everyone get a civil rights violation! Said the Oprah of illegal detention and torture in the third largest freaking american city! Most of the ‘punished’ were black, so this will blow over soon enough.

A beautiful compendium of words we are forgetting

A fascinating scholar is collecting all of the great words english is foolishly letting fall to the wayside. He is a nature writer, and he is rediscovering the english speaker’s appreciation for nature by bringing to light the wealth of vocabulary we have to describe it.

A cool graphic tutorial on how to divide fractions

Would have LOVED this as a kid, its cute and short and easy.

Over ten million people are ‘stateless’ in west africa

Being stateless is the worst, you have no national structure defending your rights, and it is almost impossible to change that. This is like being a refugee, but even worse. The cruelty these people suffer at the hands of people and institutions is heart-hardening.

How 21st century syndicates stay that way

Mexican gangs impress tech-savvy workers to do their bidding. Professionals are kidnapped but no ransomed, instead they are forced to set up the systems by which cartels like The Zetas evade their rivals and the government.

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