I read the internet, all of it, here is what you need to know

Virtuous Violence

The key takeaway here: “That could lead some people to say, “Let’s lock ’em up and throw away the key.” But you suggest our criminal justice system should focus less on punishment and more on changing attitudes”

The FDA Hid My Science Away, it really does need reform

I support food regulation and such. I think its obvious why. Companies have been proven too willing to experiment on humans in the free market without some friendly regulatory nudging keeping them in check. But at this point, I think it is safe to say the FDA should be blown up, and new, smarter and leaner regulation should be written.

Social Scientists Show the Problem, and Offer a Solution

It doesn’t matter how many people say money in politics is free speech. It isn’t, and it certainly isn’t democratic. And as the link above shows, its terrible for democracy. Thankfully, unlike so many problems highlighted here, there is also a solution at hand! But it isn’t a silver bullet.

The Feel Good Story of the Link Dump

An indigenous group in Brazil is winning its campaign to defend its sovereign land against the claims of big oil. This is an existential fight for the Sarayaku, who face all but extinction. As Chomsky will show further down, this isn’t the goal of big Chevron, or Shell of G.G.C, they just want the oil. They need the oil, and the destruction of the people is of no consequence if they can face legal/PR considerations below the market value of the oil.

Understanding Imgur

A primer, for one of the internet’s prime communities. It was more fun back in the day to be honest. If you know all of this, you’re read for all of the internet that isn’t on a number based chan system. Stay away from those places anyway

The False Claim That Inequality Rose During the Great Recession?

This is a great paper. Even republicans have gotten on the inequality issue, and they are trying to use it as a cudgel to hit Obama with. Using unique ways of looking at the data, they show that income inequality hasn’t been rising like we’re told, because of Obama’s policies, which they show has had some good effects on the middle class. They also show that the talking points of most political parties are bunk. Good stuff!

Did This City Bring Down Its Murder Rate by Paying People Not to Kill?

Yes, yes it did. It is a very cool story. They use a partial min-come policy, so more fuel for the fire baby!

How to Make Yourself Go to the Gym

I need to figure this one out, haha. Actually I have fount that the key is to have a girl friend who demands that you take selfies from the gym every day.

This is a seminal paper on disruptive technologies

Clayton M. Christensen, in 1995, wrote this paper that still is relevant to the way businesses are innovating today. He is an all around great thinker.

Read Nassim Taleb (author of The Black Swan, and Anti-Fragile)

And this article will appear as a work of wonder. It challenges perceived notions of risk, exposure and tolerance to adversity.

Bill O’reilly has his own Brian Williams incident

Seriously, tell the world. This guy is a dick. He is lying about his experiences as a reporter in Argentina and in El Salvador to boost his credibility. If Williams is going down for this, which is whatever in my mind, then Bill should too!

You though sunscreen was all it took to protect your skin from radiation

THINK AGAIN! There is latent radiation that can last something like 8 hours after initial exposure. They have found an anti-oxidant that blacks nefarious lose electrons, but no medicine is online yet.

I have seen incest stories in the media, so this argument is important

I want to write a broader article about sexual morality, and what I think is and isn’t ok. This article does a good job of dealing with everything that is wrong about parent-child sexual relations, and tackles the term “genetic sexual attraction.” Think about it this way, the parent is always going to be the one responsible, because they are always the parent, and some things wont change with age. This will not change, unless the parent looses lucidity, and which point anything sexual would constitute elder abuse.

Some of Chomsky’s wisdom

“All of this is imminent. And at this very moment the logic of our institutions is driving it forward. So Exxon Mobil, which is the biggest energy producer, has announced — and you can’t really criticize them for it; this is the nature of the state capitalist system, its logic — that they are going to direct all of their efforts to lifting fossil fuels, because that’s profitable. In effect, that’s exactly what they should be doing, given the institutional framework. They’re supposed to make profits. And if that wipes out the possibility of a decent life for the grandchildren, it’s not their problem.”

This sounds like a pretty good use of $40

Evaluations of heterodox claims. These professional scientists went and studied the weird crazy stuff that needed to be tested.

gender and humor:

Society perceives men as funnier, and its a social construction

The length of your fingers correlates with how men treat women, and promiscuity

The reward for reading down this far:

Poetry (listen to this, seriously!)

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