Drowning in quality reading

I have failed, I have not read all the links fit to read

Read them for me, won’t you?

Problems with major marijuana use

Newsflash, extreme usage of hallucinogen can have negative long term effects. This is obviously bad news for a number of people, but anyone who thinks this is a good reason to enforce cannabis prohibition is a fool. Lots and lots of things should not be used very heavily. Weed is one of them

Football, explained by nerds, for nerds

If you consider the coach a wizard, and the player cards from a “magic the gathering” type game, then the strategy follows naturally. For those of you who care for that rather than raw athletic talent anyway.

Is there a way to treat the homeless with more dignity?

Obviously! And the method of helping them, giving a home, is actually far cheaper in the long run. The initial cost of housing the homeless, unconditionally, is cheaper than dealing with the issues that develop on the streets.

The story of the man behind email encryption

I would love to see market forces clear up his issues. You absolutely must read this article to see why he’s going broke, and why this is crazy.

Why English is THE language of science

In the past polymaths and assorted scientists were also required to be polyglots. The French Curies had a lock down on nuclear science, the germans DOMINATED the field of rocket science, but now even the Japanese publish in English. The last time one language was so ubiquitous in the scientists everything was written in latin (at least in the West). What happened along the way.

Pop Music is KILLING US

It is not literally killing us, but it is making the quality of life objectively worse. This isn’t a surprise, it works in our minds, on a chemical level, like an addictive substance. It is awful.

I love me some mincome/universal income/etc…

I need to write an article about this topic myself.

I haven’t even had time to read these articles, but I want to get there soon:

Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006–2010

Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person (I’ve grown to be interested in the topics this author pics out)

The Myth of the Absent Black Father

Detroit, Democracy, America

The Next Big Thing You Missed: Software That Helps Businesses Rid Their Supply Chains of Slave Labor

Don’t Be Like That: Does black culture need to be reformed?

The Unplumbed Depths of Government Data

How Medium is Building a New Kind of Company with no Managers 

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist


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