A week’s worth of internetting all in one convenient location

I crammed a lot of interesting links into this post

Vietnam eats a lot of cats – But lets not pretend that westerners don’t eat any

Would you try Cat meat?

Croatia tries bailing out the poor

Remembering that aggregate demand is really important for economic growth, Croatia is liberating hundreds of thousands of consumers from debt. As a result the poor will have a chance to live better lives and participate in the economy once again. I bet this is the best thing done for the Croatian economy is years.

The Value of Hierarchy 

In pressure situations, top down order pays big dividends. Which is why the army always stresses discipline. But now there is science behind the intuition, proven in real life in combat, and now in mountain climbing.

Whales are still super cool

They have sensory organs we can’t even imagine. I think of whales as big ol bags of wisdom chilling out in the sea. I feel like the big one can spend their entire lives meditating, because the tides bring them their food.

Is public radio too white?

Well it sounds too white! At least that is what this self-reflective NPR piece finds

The stories aging whales can tell us

And we don’t even speak whale yet! The key is in their scars, which is crazy dark, but they are really more like whale-wrinkles.

We know a whole lot more about sports than science, so we’ll all die of the pox

This will speak for itself

Moving can have damaging effects on children’s mental health

This makes sense. Losing the comfort of home, and the only friends you have would of course being damaging to young children. I would say that the severity of the move would obviously impact the severity of the mental damage.

Are there anti-science biases that are predominantly liberal?

Nope, but there are some that are ‘bi-partisan’ though, so the media should figure that out.

The social science of conspiracy theories

It turns out that people who are anti-science are more likely to be into conspiracy theories

The best part of America, post-climate change

It will be the Pacific Northwest. But not the corner of washington known as Walla Walla, that place is going to suck.

The libertarian case for enforcing vaccines

Basically, if you believe that a role of government is to ensure public safety, then vaccinations falls under that purview

Books to check out:

Too big to fail? Too big for justice

The history of vaccinations in the United States


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