Radio -5 = Vehms

There’s a fair amount of music to listen to. It begets the question, if one makes great music, but I don’t get to listen to it, is it really great? #philosophy #musictheory

Jason Aldean – Just Gettin’ Started

This here is a nice little country diddie I heard trucking through Tennessee. That sentences is genuine and bonafide. I like this song, we were trying to hear good country music on the way to Nashville, but it was surprisingly hard to get stations playing what we wanted. This was a nice break from that.

Albert Collins, Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland – Something To Remember You By

This song we heard on the way Memphis. I am a bigger partisan of Memphis style music than Nashville. This isn’t a new song, this is a solid classic of hard blues.

Maître Gims – J’me tire

So my roommate has been introducing me to a healthy amount of francophone rap and hip hop. The more african the better is how we trend. I have no training in French to speak of, so lyricism and witticism is largely lost on me, merde. As a result I judge this music on flow, spirit, beat and the sort of universal aspects of music anyone can appreciate. This song is sung forcefully, I really like that, so I share it.

Mark Ronson – Daffodils ft. Kevin Parker

This is a cool song with a spacey-funk vibe that I’m all about. Like if LCD sound system did funk, but the lyrics were written by Black Moth Super Rainbow. So maybe you are thinking there’s a lot of Tame Impala here, you’d be correct, since Kevin Parker is behind that band. His presence is felt, and it is good, but I’m here for the funk.

Jack Garratt – The Love You’re Given

This is a heavily engineered song right here. In emotional one that is building and building and makes use of the layering techniques perfected by The Prodigy all those years ago. The song is a heartfelt one, and the attention to sonic detail speaks to the emotion expressed by the vocals. The late explosion of energy is really cool, its heavy but not messy, worth the wait.



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