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The future of languages on earth

English will grow, and many many languages will likely die. I think this trend of language death may be a bit over-stated. People are starting to value being bi-lingual so much more, that a common way that languages die, assimilation, will be less of a motivation. People now know that you can speak the dominant culture’s language without sacrificing other language proficiencies.

The future of language education

Duolingo is awesome, I have to get better at using it though

Beware those in power

Power messes with the brain, some research indicates it can bring on sociopath-like behaviors. I think this is really a bit obvious, at least to anyone who’s ever felt like listening to punk music.

Are images of Muhammed really forbidden in Islam?

Kinda, sorta, depending on who you ask. Though people have been killed for depicting the final prophet of Islam, this “rule” is hardly as steadfast as you’ve been lead to believe. Many faithful muslims use images of the prophet to aid their worship, and in the earlier centuries of the religion, these images were pretty common.

Companies operating in areas of ‘social good’ are treated better by regulators

Can’t afford to engage in ‘regulatory capture’ by buying a politician? That’s ok! If your industry is one that people perceive positively. Companies in education and medicine and other such fields are treated with greater ease by regulators.

Computers already know you better than your friends

The Facebook generation is closer to their online self than they are to their friends. And sometimes their spouses. This is a testament to two things. First, the crazy amount of ourselves we put out into public. Even though we usually put out a cultivated self on the web, there is still so much of who we are out there. Then, of course, there is the amazing power of the algorithms that make sense of all that data, better than people.

The NYPD shows why we don’t need so much NYPD

Crime rates have fallen, but the police presence has only grown. Is this justifiable?  Without being asked to, the NYPD is testing NYC out, to see if crime will bounce back in police rates retreated. So far, an argument for reigning in the cops is being made.

I will never dance this well, you will never dance this well

Who can dance this well? How!



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