New Year New Links

Some of the trade-offs of drinking alcohol

We know that over-drinking is bad, and that a glass of red wine might just be called good. So here is the official drink by drink breakdown of pros and cons. This does not take into account the stress-relief of moderate drinking.

What factors go into stable marriage

The both of you better have class baby, –class  have that in common

The changing (for the worse) relationship between the US and its armed forces

The love the military gets is reduced to platitudes. Too often, that is also all the support they get. The leadership has no idea how to empathize, only how to identify with from afar. This is long format journalism in a good way.

The wisest old Japanese man will fix your problems

He might not be the wisest Japanese man, but until Miyazaki starts an advice column, I’m sure Murakami will do real well by you.

Just a reminder, it is totally possible for the cops to not kill children with fake weapons

Indeed, it is never ok to kill children, basically

Two important takes on the Paris shooting

I do not know enough of French, nor do I know enough about their cultural situation to make much in the way of a nuanced approach, but it is a tragedy. I fear that across europe innocent muslims will be punished for the acts of extremists. As an atheist I can identify with that fear, many people are not open about their lack of faith because society assumes all atheists are just as prickly as the loudest ones. I also fear that people will mistake any satire for good satire by virtue of it being satire. Good satire is a hard thing to find, it must be cherished and it must bite those who deserve it.

I want to run a marathon

I really want to see places like Cuba (before it is Miami-ified) and Pyongyang because they exist in as close to an alternate universe as you can get to from where I come from. I want to learn about these societies that are organized so radically differently. I like to do things like that because you appreciate what is unique (and good/bad) about your own culture, and you get to appreciate all the things in common that make us human.


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