Last Incredible Necessary Kenyan post of the year

The TSA’s fun side

Their instagram account is the best part of the whole service. Chainsaws and what not. Its also crazy how many people forget they bring their gun to the airport because “its become an extension of them.” Their phones must be jealous, or they don’t have smart phones. But! In open-carry states, I think smart-guns are gonna be the big thing.

You want cheaper tickets

Lie about where you are when you buy them! Companies can’t tell, and for some reason they really care about where you are when you buy tickets.

Getting your work peer reviewed is like, 50% random

Well, in one trial – which was randomized! But it is unnerving that articles that are run through the peer review process often don’t make it out both times. Or that articles that fail the first time sometimes pass the second.

When did potty-words come into english

Now you won’t just be a potty-mouth, I know you are, you’ll be a well informed potty-mouth. A full history of when potty-words became our words, and you’ll learn some words you never even knew about.

The Atheist 10 Commandments

Pretty good, ten can feel a bit limited, but I think this has enough meet to cover most generic issues. This is symbolic, but none of those ten suggestions would have a problem on my stone tablets.

A conservative’s take on true open mindedness¬†

Surprisingly resilient optimism and stratified systems economic organization are a combination the author thinks buttress a conservative world view. An interesting proposal, though I think the author discounts the effect culture has on organization. The last bit of defense of conservatism is how you the author is only self-interested, and one must to hold his positions.

In the future, expert is a state of mind

One of sublime openness, embracing the crazy. From a silicon valley taoist.

The Spanish Marco Polo

I might become addicted to this website

Sexiest Smells

Men and women both get turned on by sexy pumpkin pie smells. Women also like pumpkin pie more than men, and lavender gets them hot and bothered. I know what smell to make my bed now.

Machines are coming for your job (Video)

Interesting thought piece, well reasoned and not judgmental. I wonder what will come of this.

A history of the concentration camp

Combining narrative and historical chronology, this breaks down the very interesting history of one of the worst things humanity ever came up with. World War one is often called the last of the gentlemen’s wars, and at least in the sector of imprisoning foreign nationals, this was actually the case. The relative good treatment of people in these camps is what allowed WWII actors to justify their use.

What would happen if teachers in the US and Finland switched places?

Finland has the best teachers in the world, the US is arguably the greatest disappointment when it comes to educating its students. A lead Finnish educator analyzes the situation and provides an interesting conclusion based on solid research.

Cool cool things happened in 2014

I didn’t know that an AI was appointed to a board of directors, or that a worm had its brain uploaded into a computer. There is a lot of cool stuff in that them there article.

Good happenings in 2004 environment edition

Remember that the media has a persistent negative bias! So let these positive movements from the enviro-food world heal your wounds.


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