imperiaL romanI natioN booK in storeS

I need furniture, give yours to me and be infinitely rewarded in the afterworld

Sex sells, but what kind of sex?

This company decided to find out what kind of sex sells best. The results are surprising, blondes are eh, props are out, couches are ok. The people behind this call it a form of crowed sourcing, which I suppose is true.

The data revolution comes to your museum

My museum and department are featured in this article! We’re coming for your (anonymous, don’t worry) data. I realize its an uneasy feeling that everything is now being broken down into a form of data. This is really a case of institutions using data that’s already being collected, we ought to put it to good use!

Your gut microbes, they matter so much

They can get in your brain!

High Heels have power

Men cower in the face of the heel. If women were taller, its clear sexism would be over.

Testing in the medical sciences encounters a new roadblock

Thankfully the model for medical testing is a workable one, but it seems we’re still in that the mode where there are more questions than answers.

Native Americans can grow pot!

I think this is cool, and self-explanatory

Rethinking mirror neurons

They are still important, but they are not the mind readers everyone was so quick to announce them as. In a not so twist, they are more interesting and complex than you ever thought.

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