I work for a tRADIO union

I saw TOKiMONSTA spin a hell of a set last night, she was amazing!

FEMM – Wannabe

So this is a Jpop group that sings in english. Which is weird, considering I can’t tell that they’re making an American/Anglosphere push. But this song is good. Their schtick is that they are a group that liberates mannequins and that their performers are mannequins and they are trying to tell the world to liberate more mannequins? Its, weird. You get the impression that Japan hasn’t fully recovered from The Gorillaz yet.

GRiZ – A Fine Way To Die

Love GRiZ, I was very sad I missed the griznasty when I went to Denver, there were just too many things to see. This song warms up, but it gets nice and funky, with a solid bass line and a good horn section. Grooved to dance and chill too.

The Prodigy – Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)

HARD. This song is hard, and it wants your soul.

Schoolboy Q – The Purge / Rapfix Cypher (20syl Remix)

20syl continues to make a fair case as the hottest hip hop remixer out there. The rap is also world class. The way the flow is enhanced by the spinning, the two forces dance, its textbook.


The disco vocals introduce a real song. The tempo is for dancing, but will require a real talent to keep up for the whole set. You will need to know how to do a double step every fourth beat to really keep up. The elements of house are seamlessly introduced and faded out as needed.

Carlos Vives – Gota Fria

My goal is to learn how to dance to a song like this with such distinction. In so much as I’m in the United States, I think I’m in the right place. My roommate has made it his mission to teach me how to dance in the manner of his people. So we’ll see how far I get. The song itself, it makes me want to dance. I’m glad that Carlos looks like a hair metal guy in this video.


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