LINKS Hero of Hyrule

Oh man have a million things happened this week or not? I hung out in NYC, did some black friday inheriting and signed a lease to live in an awesome loft apartment

Income gaps are shrinking in Latin America

That is good, but lets look behind that simplistic number at the factors behind this continent-wide phenomenon. Because the whole region is seeing this trend, you can’t simply place the results on policies or specific resources.

The best TV phenomenon yet

I trust HBO to sink lots and lots of money into this, to make the quality worth watching. And I trust Scientology to fight this out, meaning we’ll have media titans fighting this out in public and hopefully putting on a show before, during, and after a good show.

Hedge Funds Take a Beating

Hedge Funds are usually the behind the scene actors that are the explanation for weird mysterious things. Which makes this weird and mysterious. I wonder what the real story is.

This guy says: its time to save General Sherman’s Reputation

And I agree!

Robots are taking over the internet

And it is the scary


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