This post in inspired by the great Toni Morrison

Can Whole Foods help poor black people in Detroit?

Classism, racism, the Midwest, poverty, gentrification and FOOD JUSTICE. Its like college all over again…

Too big to jail exposed

Its cray how this whole issue just isn’t talked about. I really think this is bigger than Ferguson, but it is too abstract, and really, too one-sided for the media frenzy.

Economics is uniquely sexist

I never saw this upfront, but I’m hardly surprised. I think economics could use more balancing in gender, and more diversity in what is called ‘orthodox.’

Freedom of speach v comfort

The revolutionary vanguard of the youth used to fight for the freedom to say what you want. Now it seems to fight to keep unwelcome words out of academia and the media.

How to keep police in check

Police kill hundreds of Americans every year, no other first world nation, or collection of nations, sees anything like this violence. How can the US prevent our police from killing us?

Happy Happy Turkey Day

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