Panty RAiD – IO


The finest in Chinese indie pop rock.

Jolin Tsai – The Great Artist

Really good production value, and the dancing is good. As far as asian pop goes, sign me up.

The Dirtbombs – Underdog

One of my favorite Sly and the Family Stone songs. And one of my favorite covers of their songs. A good mix.

Frank DeVito

Just, just watch it

Kisser – Step Rockets

This song has been out for roughly a year now, but its been all up in my ear canals, so here it is. I really like the vocals, and the video is filmed at the aquarium in Minneapolis – which is actually pretty eh as far as Minneapolis institutions go.

Break The Glass – The Suicide Machines

I saw an emo show on Wednesday, the first time I ever did something like that. I never really got into emo, the only emo band that got me was Brand New. I did get into third wave ska for a minute, and this was my favorite song from that period (when I guess suburban Taylor would have liked emo)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Make You Feel Better

Though RHCP is not emo, Stadium Arcadium has a pretty emotional/reflective aspect to it. It also came out when I was a young impressionable teen, so in honor of that I chose this song. Even though “Make you feel better” is sung about/to a woman, I always identified with the vulnerability the song gets at. I also identified with the band/guy’s ability to be the one who ‘makes you feel better,’ perhaps that’s how I’d deal with my own vulnerability. Sefl-Freud’d

Peking Duk feat. Nicole Millar – High (Yahtzel Remix)

I don’t know that I’ve yet to come across an original by Yahtzel, but there are plenty of good remixes out there. Peking Duk has been making solid stuff for a little bit now too, so this was always gonna be fun. The song has a pretty tropical feel, its light, not heavy, but in a free and not even leisurely manner.

If you like Nicole Millar’s voice, this is a better song for you


This group makes music from science experiments. There are a bunch of cool music videos in that link, check ’em out.

Lastly, if anyone can identify the song that starts around 0:18 in this video about Japanese male prostitutes that would be awesome.

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