Links be a Lady tonight

Wow, Mosques are cool (non-9/11 victory edition)

I kid, I kid, because that kerfuffle was almost stupider than these Mosques are cool. This pictures are amazing though, I’m using them as backgrounds.

Opposition to slavery is socialism

And the ruling class has their very own Marx! I strange take on how the argument against emancipation ended up mirroring Marxist argument about the existential nature of capitalist labor relations.

How good are electorates 

A study of how large groups of voters perform.

Stupidity Virus

You might be infectiously stupid. Seriously, they should test for the virus.

Speculation on the beginnings of human civilization

Really cool stuff regarding what large population centers require for stability. Insights into not just human nature, but the very nature of our sedentary cultures. Can egalitarian cultural norms sustain population clusters of over 1,000? Probably not.

Are the defenders of wikipedia killing it?

I love wikipedia, I think its one of the most important institutions on earth, and it pleases me like articles on whale intelligence. This take looks at the group that defends wikipedia from potential assailants. But it also measures the cost of their vigilance.

If you don’t want to use Uber

Some Alternatives


My GIF of the week

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