Lets tRADe IOns

Week one in Texas, no country music. I haven’t even heard any, actually. I have heard a lot of that crappy alt-christian music. Its so depressing, its like, “life is terrible but Jesus commands you to live so I guess life is ok then. But remember, you’re broken, and only by the grace of god are you not crappy-enough to live a life worth ending.” I’d take hard twang over that any day. What happened to Al Green Style gospel? That there is christian music.
Brazilian making some sick music. They use english, which is cool because the lyrics are solid, but sad because Brazilian Portuguese is one of the prettiest vocalizations possible. It reminds me of music I liked, I can’t really put my finger on it. This is solid chilled-out alt-rock. Its safe and comforting to me, but the technical aspects of the song all check out I suppose.
This is some really cool old school music. This song came out in 1976, and if you told me it was contemporary I would believe you. And not in the, ‘there’s a band making music that sounds like old music but its new’ way. High quality stuff here.
Full disclosure! This could very well be propaganda. I can’t really tell who’s side its on if it is. What I do know is this is Venezuelan, and I love it. Great latin-Jazz, great percussion, just a party in your ears!
Just heard this song today, it hasn’t left my head since. It reminded me to get this out there, and to love listening to music while doing EVERYTHING. I’m really in a soft alt-rock state right now, this song puts my memory in a similar place as the Brazilian song does. The song doesn’t really differentiate itself until the second half, where it develops a little character. Also, the music video is a good space out visual.
Lupe Fiasco is not unknown, and hopefully this song won’t be hurting for press. But! I’m making a deal about it because I love Lupe and I hate the fact that, in terms of music, he fell off the face of the earth! This is some classic Lupe, dirty, hood, real, philosophical, correct, and riding a flow the is cool. I loved Lupe in high school, and high school Taylor would have listened to this on repeat regularly. Also, THAT BASS, real
Someone recently asked me, “what can’t you ‘even?'” As in, when basic urban girls say they ‘can’t even.’ I didn’t answer because I always can. But on further reflection I cannot even begin to handle with how many crappy remixes exist of Biggie’s music. I hate it, I hate is so much because anyone with any skill doesn’t feel the need to remix his music, or they did it a long time ago and whatever. So I am not inclined to post this song, and frankly, I’m telling you to stop listening by the 4-minute mark. But, this remix of NWA’s “Hello” is amazing!!! That right there is awesome. Its not a hard beat, but Ice Cube is soooo hard in this song that the house remix totally works.
Oh, BTW – The Luda song with Miguel, “Good Lovin’,” if you been feeling down on love, that’s the rap song for you
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