bLINKS and you miss it

This is my first blog post as a denizen of Dallas, Texas

Yippee Ki  Yay

A slice of italy in africa

Pretty cool, I’d chill in this city for sure

France is watching you, UFOS

The last government doing this full time

You aren’t a sex freak


Vegan is totes healthy bruh

Even when you cram carbs like its your birthday

They have now observed how multicellular life evolved

It includes cellular game theory and experiments!

myths, busted

even I believed a few of these, before

No evidence that either american political party is better at ending small business regulation

Though we know that the nature of the regulation is as important as its existence.

Rethink your way of sleeping!

we may be more creative by sleeping in two separate chunks during the night

the history of the smile in france

It used to not be a thing there, mimes

Did the best thing ever get published?

Yes! Orcas learning to speak Bottle Nose is happening!!!

Hipsters all look the same

They have a mathematical model for that

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