cRAzy Dance Imagine bOunce

FridayFunday. This is my last post as a New Yorker in who knows how long. I’m not sure if I’ll adapt a texas flavor going forward. I’m sure my place will impact my listening habits, but I have no intention of going all twang on you. What happens happens I suppose. We’re all over with these songs, keep the ear and mind open.

Townes van Zandt – Lungs

Big Van Zandt fan, I heard this watching True Detective and I knew what I had to do. This guy lived as blusey a life as a man could live. He’d be locked up in a second if he lived today.

Steve Earle – Meet Me In The Alleyway

Another song I got from watching True Detective. I finished True Detective this week. The show is even better than this song, which is one of the coolest country songs. You know its cool because its a country song and yet I think its cool. Fun fact, this guy acted in The Wire.

Now I’m going to play a lot of latin music I heard on the radio, because it warms me so

Tommy Olivencia – No Me Tires La Primera Piedra

This is an awesome salsa song. If this song doesn’t make you want to dance, then you have some sort of spiritual-degenerative disease. Sorry. The directness of the song, abrupt and forceful, one should be compelled to take control on the dance floor when this comes on.

In my audio-memory thins brings me back to little mexican cantinas and tasty burritos in California.

DLG – La quiero a morir

The first minute of this song is pretty weak to me. But then it becomes very powerful. There’s a lot of emotion in this song, and the lyrics that I understand are strong, man. The full band behind the singer, I can only imagine how the instrumentals can explode live. The composition and arrangement is already great as it is. And the song builds and builds, a total banger by the end.

Don Miguelo Ft J Alvarez Y Zion – Como Yo Le Doy (Pitbull version)

This is a pretty calm song given the artists behind it. Both version are pretty similar, but I’m actually inclined towards the Pitbull version. Pitbull sinks more money into the production, and it pays off. The song is crisper, and has a superior edge. The song isn’t hard in anyway, very danceable, but steady enough to keep two people close together.

And I’m gonna finish you off with something a little different

Panteros666 – X Lova

This song yea, is properly for kids turning it up. Some hard french electronic dance music for you right here. Got some trance, breakbeat, a couple things going on in here. This song is heavy, can get tough to keep up with, but its nuts and I love what the DJ is doing here. Ominous, probably not good for candy-flipping.

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