Richard LINKSlater

This is my last week posting from New York City for a while. So savor it!

Could polyamory be boring?

Polyamory is when you engage in multiple, concurrent loving relationships with partners who know you are polyamorous.

Communists love child workers

Which is weird, because labor unions usually sought to keep kids out of the work place

Important Economics paper!

If you are into developmental econ at least. It is still probably worth it to read the overview.

Percy Shelley was a baddass

He and Byron with the Nas and Jay-Z of their day. Or maybe Ben Afflec and Matt Damon, because they were friends. Either way, I’m giving the author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra some love.

When did scary become sexy?

Halloween is now about your slutty outfit, not scaring away the lost souls of the after-hell.

Thoughts on mate-poaching

Surprise surprise, SOs who ditch their loved one for a new person immediately have red flags.

Talking with the trendiest party players in New York

These guys are totes trendy, and they party hard.

Are you smarter than CERN?

Its possible, if you can help them identify some stuff they forgot about.

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