Music, the best thing that humans, and types of whales, do

Black Sugar – Too Late

I found this on my FB thread, thank god. It got this week started out on the right bounce, see for yourself. Just really fun Jazz, apparently from Chile.

Nu-Jazz: Quantic – Transatlantic

That Intro tho. The rest of the song is strong jazz as well, but the into sets a really joyous tone for the rest for the whole duration.

Jazz Against The Machine – Bombtrack

This comes from a series of Rage Against the Machines covers in the smooth silky stylings of JAZZ. A pretty good cover, I don’t think you need to be a Rage fan to get into this.

Labrinth- Let it be (Torn remix)

This is a well put together EDM piece. Not to heavy, not too repetitive, good balance while maintaining a type of edge through to prevent any sort of consistency lag.

Beyoncé- Party (Birthday Boy Version)

I wouldn’t casually put up a re-working of Beyoncé. This is a really fun little joint, just two and a half minutes long. Its not actually a party maker as far as songs go, but its uplifting I suppose.

Lastly I have been made aware of this great piece of sound engineering:

Onra’s The Anthem and the Flume Remix

Kinda gotta listen to them both. I liked the the original even more before I heard the remix. But both versions have strengths. The remix is great but flawed, and even that music video suffers from this. The video doesn’t totally lineup with the song, and its so good that this issue is so annoying.


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