A lot has happened in the world, but nothing should take you away from browsing these select, chef’s choice, links.

What is Firechat?

The first messaging app that doesn’t require the internet. Using just blue tooth, activists in Hong Kong are already using it to subvert government control.

Are minorities arrested for more drug offenses because they commit more drug offenses? 

No, that does not appear to be why minorities are more likely to be arrested for drug related offenses than whites. New research shows that whites are more likely to commit drug related infractions.

What happens when the next terrorist strike lands?

This is a very interesting article. It makes a good point that, at some time, we can almost certainly say that a large terrorist attack will once again land in the United States. How will our society handle it? Judging on our past reactions and our current one to ISIS, not well.

How to rewire the brain for math?

An interesting essay that goes beyond self-help. The author wisely identifies educational policy implications of their work.

Can a human sing more than one note at the same time?

Yes! And this ability has been discovered several times. Usually by people living in cold extreme climates like the Tibetan Plateau, the Steppe or the Arctic Circle. Check out that cool video of a woman breaking the process down.

How about making skyscrapers out of wood?

A pretty weird idea if you ask me. But the engineer they talk to in the piece makes the argument that the buildings could be long term, sustainable and physically sound.

How have cities grown in the last century?

This is a cool, interactive, look at the rise of mega cities around the globe and a discussion of the continuation of the process.

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