RAy ranDI oreganO – is a name

This is a Friday. Once again songs of the highest quality, un-cut and grown organic in the hills of music land, assemble here. Please enjoy the offerings of my ears and heart.

This Plane – Wiz Khalifa (Viceroy Remix)

Oh man I totally forgot how much I love what Viceroy is capable of. I was listening to some crappy remix of this song, and I thought to myself, why did someone publish something this bad when such a good remix already exists. This is that remix. It makes the song a very upbeat one. Though I think the new beats are more playful, they match the tempo Khalifa’s flow best.

Oddyssey – Dream Koala

It is suuuupppeeeerrr possible that I’ve already shared this song. Sorry, but only kind of because its really really good. Basically The XX but trading the evocative lyrics for a stunning ethereal sound. There are still lyrics, but they exist, to me, as more of an extra component of sound. A beautiful piece.

The Juan Maclean — “A Place Called Space”

You may recognize the voice as Nancy Whang’s, or LCD Sound System fame. Her work on the upcoming In a Dream album by The Juan Maclean promises to be some of her best, and will hopefully earn her deserved notoriety. I don’t even think she’s the best part of this song! There’s the obvious, and I guess eponymous, ‘spacey’ element to the song, which hits solid ‘comfortably numb’ groove. Then this song evolves into a pressing mix of sounds that feels like a disco-jam band hybrid. This is a winning track out here in my opinion.

SunlightThe Magician feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

You know I can’t place what about this song I like so much. There doesn’t seem to be any innovative component. Its not super heavy, or bouncy or complex. For some reason it just hits this happy medium of song where I’m really enjoying it. A lazy spring saturday of a song as far as I’m concerned. I think the lyrics are calming and cheery, maybe that’s it.

Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Ultraviolence has been out long enough that I’m ready to declare the best remix. A DJ could come out with something fantastic after this point, that is true. But to do so this late in the game is just lazy, throw such a person some shade. (Slightly related rant, why do people bother doing biggie remixes all the time to establish themselves? It just establishes you as uncreative. Be creative and current when you remix!) Compare this remix to the Datsik one, and the quality of the Hotel Garuda one becomes clear. And I like Datsik and that remix, its just that Hotel Garuda made a solid song.

Girlie ‘O’ Remix – Patoranking¬† ft. Tiwa Savage

This song is wild. It has an element from just about every African Diasporic tradition. Patoranking is also African, and the song is too. The song is caked in auto-tune, I mean T-Pain would blush. That does suck, but its beautiful in its modest moments. I also find it fascinating to listen to how so many elements are incorporated into this song.

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