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My gosh howdy was today busy. This week promises to keep being busy. But good busy is maybe the best way to be.

The Blue Whales are Coming Back

They’re Coming BAAAAAACK! I love whales, I love them in all of their forms. I also think Blue Whales are the most zen creatures alive. Think about it, nothing bothers them (so orcas can, they can attack the very young; they are too fast to for the mothers to stop them, but this is rare and insanely sad) float around in the world’s largest ecosystem where food is effortlessly squeezed into their mouths as they swim about challenging theoretical limits for the size of life. They spend most of their lives singing and just being. I guess that’s more like a taoist master than a zen one, but who cares at that point – they are coming back!

Well Played by Amazon

Seriously, well played. They just went and bought most of the troll website domains. Its a smart and super low cost thing to do.

China’s Black Online Market

Not very black, but totally freaking awesome!!! Seeing as you can buy Tom Cruise’s head on the legal market, the black market better be out there.

Super Human Vision

Some people are able to go beyond ROYGBIV. I wish I could see extra colors. I believe the life form that sees the most types of light is a shrimp that can also punch so hard it breaks the sound barrier. Its the bossest kind of shrimp around.

The World’s Oceans are a Failed State

Without a functioning governing structure to manage humans coexist with and within the ocean, everything has gone to hell. And its true, the mismanagement and disrepair of the Oceans mirrors what happens when nation-states fall apart.

Humans and Our Hive Mind

This is my weekly wow I’m not sure I get this but it seems cool link.

Special Lanes on the Sidewalk for Texters

Nothing much more to add here. The city of Chongqing, China is the urban planning pioneer in this case. It makes oodles of sense if you have that many texters.

Islamic Finance Breaks into the Non-Muslim World

Sukuk is halal finance. It has a lower premium because there is no interest. You pay the loan back through a system that is a lot like wage garnishing. Whatever return you make on your investment, a prearranged portion of that goes to the loan. It sounds a lot more jesus friendly than our current monetary sytsem too.

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