Its like Public Radio – because its free!

I’m off to a wedding this weekend, but not one song here is particularly matrimonial. That kind of thing just isn’t on my mind. But I did have a a great week, so hopefully these songs reflect that!

SBTRKT – HIGHER (ft. Raury)

I have probably posted something from SBTRKT before, which is cool because SBTRKT makes many good musics. Ruary I don’t believe I knew about, so this song serves as an introduction. Its a good one, a solid flow, the lyrics aren’t the smartest, but there’s a body to Raury’s voice, and he can shoot off verses in an unending stream, very impressive. The song is pretty dark, despite the title – which comes off as almost cynical.

Flume – Insane ft. Moon Holiday (Sebastian Carter Edition)

Now I think it is clear from my public tastes that I like me some Flume. That doesn’t mean I like everything, but one thing I appreciate about an artist is when their product becomes a platform. What I mean by that is that their work has an inherent functionality that lends itself to being worked on over and over. Someone like Ellie Goulding is a great example. This song is slower, not heavy either, but it builds in complexity. The beginning isn’t terribly strong, but the ending is really nice.

Blockhead – The Music Scene

This is a band I had never heard of, not necessarily a shocker there. But the music video caught my eye and the song holds up too. No music revolution here, but solid rock, it owns the trippy video and adapts some trippy effects with a rage-influenced percussion. The almost but not quite ‘end section’ of song is pretty much filler, but if the band is good you know that’s when they let it freak out during a live show.

Amr Diab – Gamalo (عمرو دياب – جماله)

So I have a few arabophiles/oreintalist cousins who enjoy arab pop. Amr Diab is a guy to know in that world, so Gamalo is one of his two big new singles. Its the better of the two in my no-way-qualified-to-make-that-statement opinion. Something about the guitar is nice, and it uses the accordion in a way that doesn’t annoy me, a feat in itself.

Radioactivity – “Don’t Try”

We got some nice little punk action right here. It doesn’t sound like classic punk, just in terms of the grainy-ness of it all. But the tempto, energy and length of the song aren’t necessary to let you know its punk! Not bad punk either since I can basically only listen to contemporary punk live. So enjoy a little this, because like good punk, there isn’t a lot of it.

Signing off


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