A good Animal is the Fluffy Canadian Links

Doctor Job Satisfaction is Declining

And yea, you better believe that’s a problem! The article tells how doctor’s happiness has fallen, blaming it on the decline in the profession’s prestige. This is slightly hard to swallow, because no one says, “well, she’s just a doctor.” Many of the smartest people I know are on their way to being doctors, and I’m pretty sure people respect doctors a whole lot. The article also gets a little political blaming the expansion in Medicaid and Medicare for the decline in prestige. The author admits that those programs made doctors better paid (and come on, that pay alone should be enough to keep doctors happy) but says that these programs turned doctors into people who were seen as benefiting off of the social system like parasites. This is still worth a read, plenty of good arguments in there.

The Multiverse May be Dead as a Concept

I’m not 100% able to break this article down. If you can do it, please talk to me!!!

The NSA has its Own Google

Yours wasn’t good enough, pleeb! This is a meaty article, but if you have the fortitude to get through it, you’ll have a new found respect for government, engineers, and a mighty fear of what they can do. Someday we’ll have to get the breakdown of the love-hate bromance between Northern Virginia and Silicon Valley. A bit like the Two Towers from The Lord of the Rings, these two spots have created an amazing tech-empire. Building off each other and fighting off of each other, there are some great stories in this history. This article is a pretty good refutation that the government can build anything, but it also is some insidious stuff.

The Tree of Life

This is our best guess as to what the tree of life on earth looks like, circa 2014

Why do Nigerian Scammers Admit to being Nigerian Scammers?

This paper is fantastic. Its all about finding a reliable patsy. If someone thinks your a Nigerian Prince and isn’t scared off by that, well you got a reliable patsy!

How Norway Avoided the ‘Oil Curse’

Political Scientists have figured out that having oil as your nation’s primary economic engine is pretty terrible for democratic prospects. Nigeria and Indonesia vie for the title of ‘Most Corrupt “Democracy” of the Year.’ Iraq is, terrible…Iran is a crazy theocracy and Saudi Arabia is literally an absolute monarchy. Eight hundred years after the Magna Carta, we still got one on earth, that’s nuts! Norway is an awesome exception to this rule. Norway is pretty awesome altogether, find out why! This article is easy to read, so I’m not going to give away any spoilers.

A New Branch on the Tree of Life?

Hey guys, you know that picture of the tree of life I posted three links up, its probably missing a branch – wow science moves fast! It looks like a new type of life, that looks like a floating sea-mushroom, has revealed itself to us, and given us an insight into entirely new forms of animal life. Cool.

Should Half of the Earth be Turned into a Natural Preserve?

E. O. Wilson is a smart guy, and he has been meditating on what it will take to save earth’s amazing and valuable bio-diversity. He thinks about half of the world needs to be natural preserves. This is a huge claim, but given that up until recently humans weren’t using a fraction of the land masses we call continents, its actually not a lot for us to ask for. This article is pretty long, but it deals with central questions: How much of the earth do natural systems need to operate in? Can human systems be built to operate with/within nature? How much of the planet can humanity claim for itself? Big but very interesting stuff.

The Police are Straight Robbing Americans to the Tune of MILLIONS

And its legal! And the federal government is giving these guys more guns! They’ve developed a special search engine (you see, these government search engines are scary) to identify easy targets to seize assets from, its called Black Asphalt. Black Asphalt could be illegal, and absolutely should be! The gist of it is, if you have any serious amount of cash on you, don’t get pulled over, it will take forever for you to get it back, if you ever get it back. Because you are assumed to be a terrorist-drug dealer-gang person.

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