I don’t have a whole lot of music to throw in your direction. This was a good week for music, but I didn’t really capture any of it. I went to a Caribbean festival-parade thing which obviously had great dance music. But I can’t find any solid representatives of what I experienced.

Untold – Lincoln Jesser

This is a good walking song. Its cool, I mean that in just about every way one could apply the term cool to a song. If I work to engaging my synesthesic side, I see mostly a steely teal. I think this band would not be fun to see without a confidant to dance with. I’m extrapolating from this one song, but that’s the truth about this song, for me.

The Weeknd – Often (Kygo Remix)


The original cut of this song was close to making it into my blog. I am not surprised that Kygo added the necessary kick. This is a much smoother version, fluid and relaxing. The original’s machismo is preserved but enhanced. The old beats were not complimentary to the lyrics, they just over-saturated the whole thing.


Gotta follow the link to the add

So this is technically an add, so I can’t find out who the musician is, or what they called this. Given this unusual circumstance, please trust that I would only link you to a work that is really weird. This is a really weird German video. It’s a senior gentleman selling you cars in a 90s rap video. It just is.

One Whole Rap Album – x^2

Gotta follow the link to bandcamp

This whole album is good good rap. And its enough content I won’t feel guilty about only posting four links to music.



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