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Wow, sorry this is getting published so late, its been as busy a day as they come!

vermont drug war
Quit the war on drugs and why Vermont is an awesome laboratory for American democracy. If only they’d finally elect someone from their third party. The article shows us that treating self-harm as a medical issue is the best way to treat self harm.

the wettest place on earth
California? Nope! India, and loving it. Those who live in this place have plenty if interesting ways to adapt to their surrounding. In some ways, these are the closest to merpeople we have.

funny econ papers
This is what passes for humor in the dismal science. Or why it’s called the dismal science. This is a good place to see if you are ready for Econ. Ask yourself, do I want to laugh at this?

Social Media is Bad for Italians
You know I can’t really say if something like Facebook has made my life better or worse. I am closer to some friends abroad, but maybe that comes at a cost of my local friendships. Either way, it looks bad for Italians.

Early Animators in French Caves
I think this is so cool. Using shadows and light angles to make images dance like the flames is so imaginative. You really have to respect these ancient geniuses.

Blame Chinese Dumplings
This one hits home because I love dumplings, and frozen ones have a pretty good trade off in terms of balancing quality and ease. Sadly these pockets of joy may kill us all.

America’s emerging market
I’m bullish on Detroit. I think it would be a very interesting place to move to and invest time and energy. If only it didn’t have an awful winter. This article compares the opportunities in Detroit to those around the world.

The UK Flag without Scotland
This is just a cool little design meditation. As you may know, Scotland is considering splitting off from the UK. If this happens the UK is going to need a new flag, exciting.

Religion and Politics in America

This very cool infographic tells us about the interplay of religion and politics. While it is interesting, its not very surprising. At least to me. I wish they could adjust for regionality, but this is cool enough on its own to merit a place here.


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