Links, but not sausage ones

Merry Wednesday. May your week be profitable, and these links carry you away from your troubles and into a more educated state.


Do people want to live in Houston or New York City?

Using market data to determine what sort of urbanization American’s are looking for.

Critical failures in American democratic culture

This is the most recent is what is becoming a steady stream of high profile voices speaking out about the US’ political landscape. Robert Reich is a guy who I have come to really appreciate, I wish he had had more of this spunk when he worked in the White House.

Books are better than e-books

I have found this to be super true, I always go for the real thing. I have never actually finished a book on a kindle or tablet. But I can go through books like no other. Maybe its because I haven’t acquired the stamina for the new books, but I’m not sure I even want to.

A massive source for data on police brutality

There is a lot here, go ahead a la carte.

Courtesy of the Marina (Marina is amazing, so are these links):

How to react

A father recounts how he dealt with losing his son to police violence

The Chameleon

The story of a French child-impersonator. Whether or not that previous sentence makes sense to you, read the story.

The science:

On the relationship between physics and philosophy

Very interesting conversation with Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli. He has real issues with the way issues in physics are framed.

the science on relationships:

I got a whole lot a love, ladies

This article explores if Love improves sex

This is why I want daughters

They are more dependable caretakers of their elders

Most desired trait in a romantic partner: loyalty

By both men and women; we can agree on things!

Washing your hands can relieve feelings of shame, and make you a bad person?

You can relieve psychological guilt by washing more. Which can be good for relieving stress, but also enables the guilty to avoid their feelings without dealing with the real issues.

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