Radio as a Platonic Good

Frolicking Fridays Batman!

We start out with a historical gem that defies my words, so I didn’t write many about it. Then we move of to the works of some bands that I’m incredibly excited to see this fall. There are some benefits to big city living, let me tell you. We also have a Chilean-American artist we has gone the Spanish Speaking rout for her career, which probably hurts her bottom line but gives her that cred, you know.

Lastly I bring your attention to an incubator for young talents. I let you decide if anything is worth incubating, but putting it on in the background is a solid aimless pursuit in my book.

Hey Hey Hey (Human Highway) – Neal Young & Devo

I cannot imagine the quantity or quality of drugs that fueled this rager. I mean, we all know you can generally say ‘a lot’ of drugs went into this, but that is it for specifics, right?

Leave Me Alone (Ft. Shay Lia)-Kaytranada

I just really like Kaytranada, and this song has delightful funk-soul tones that make you happy and excited. This guy is part of a general Montreal Groove, and this would be the purist distillation of funk from that strain that I have heard. One thing I have noticed about this artist is that the difference between his live and recorded stuff is huge, maybe it was because of the setting in which I saw him, but this is nothing like what he played a mere four months ago, this is more like prime Erika Badu than anything else.

Wait (Jerry Folk Remix) – Lemaitre

Last week I finally put out a song from Porter Robinson, these week I’m doing so with Lemaitre. This a funky remix of a song that I already liked. I’m not really sure this is an improvement over the original, but the original is really good and this version is distinct and quality in its own right. I cannot wait to see this group this fall, it will be exception beyond belief.

Only Getting Younger (NGHTMRE X Imanos Remix) – Elliphant feat. Skrillex

Something by Skrillex that I like! It isn’t due to him I bet, but this a fun heavy song. It has the dance-hall thing going, which I would attribute to a Diplo influence. That would explain why I like it since Diplo makes music that is awesome.

Every Other Freckle – Alt-J

Alt-j makes music similar to Fleet Foxes, except that I never liked Fleet Foxes that much. I haven’t always loved Alt-j’s stuff either, but this song is their most unique yet. It is an intense and varied composition that moves me. 

Quiero Verte Más- Francisca Valenzuela

So my whole tour of Latin American music that I planned out at the beginning of the summer has morphed into me choosing my favorite Chilean hipster bands. And some of them have played at Lollapalooza so they’ve kind of been blown up anyway. I really expected myself to gravitate more towards dancier-music from the Caribbean Basin, not so much. I am not disappointed, just amused, hopefully this is true for you as well. Francisca is kind of hit or miss for me. The composition of her songs are often generic so unless she’s really putting her whole voice into the song the result is forgettable. I obviously do not think we have that problem here.

Keeping Track of the Minor Leagues:

Makoshine is a New York City based music collective that is fostering some interesting new artists. If you see what these cats are up to, I’ve included the link to their first compilation. From what I’ve heard there’s some cool stuff and then there isn’t. I’m a fan of most of the Dr. Buddha tracks. For my money, these guys need to make their sound a little heavier, or harder, if you put stock into the distinction between the terms.

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