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Facts can make you dumber

This is a collection of studies that demonstrate that fact-based arguments are unlikely to convince people with strong convictions. It has been known that people, when exposed to facts that counter their preconceived notions, remain unconvinced that they were wrong. These studies indicate that these objectively damning facts actually strengthen the convictions of people who hold incorrect ideas. There is a political slant to this article, but I believe it suggests a universal truth.

A Plea for an Internet that isn’t Add-Centric

The inventor of the pop-up add A) begs for forgiveness B) argues that the current system is ill-fated C) imagines a new way forward. Very much worth a read.

Facebook as a social fixer

Maybe you have heard about the social experiments that Facebook and OKCupid have run? They test how changing the content you are exposed to changes your social media experiments. Well it turns out Facebook has used those results to manipulate your feed in order to influence virality.

Men admit to rape if it isn’t called rape


My favorite ‘controversial’ position to argue

I hate the militarization of nuclear power, but dropping the bombs to end World War Two was the right call.

Cities and Families

Ever since the rise of the suburbs, people have traditionally moved away from their families to cities, only to move out of cities to start families of their own. This article takes a look at what efforts can resist that trend.

Who gets naked in Hollywood Movies?

I’d like to think that the author of this article is being subversive, otherwise I wouldn’t throw the link to the Daily Caller.

Google Invests 300 Million to better connect the US and Japan

Have you been afraid for dear old Japan? Is it because the nation’s demographics mean it is the oldest nation on earth, or perhaps its the rise of the antagonistic China. Well do not worry my friend. Take it from Google. If Google is undertaking a public works project that is on the a scale that prohibits most nations from undertaking it, the investment will be worth it. Japan is, and will be, just fine.

How to talk about coffee (official)

Like all fetish-ized food stuffs the devoted classes have developed special terminologies for their favorite taste bud titillators. This link will show you how to demonstrate superior coffee connoisseurship. This is important as coffee is the most wide-spread and least unhealthy drug in the world (source: Buzzfeed, billions of lived human experiences). Coffee is also experiencing its own craft movement and while everyone drinks starbucks and dunkin donuts, the ones who can most effectively ridicule these establishments win.

Edit: The above link is missing a tasting note. When consuming Kopi Trading Co. brand coffee, and only Kopi Trading Co. brand coffee, a widely accepted taste description is “approaching a level of badass unparalleled throughout space and time.”

Having completed my shameless self-plug quota of the week, I bid you a good Wednesday.

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