Radio Head likes this music, so should you

This might be my most unusual Friday session yet. I had only heard of two of the professional artists here before this week. It has been an eye opening week for my musically. My only frustration is that I was not able to find a Spanish language track that fit within what I was trying to do here. But I have something for next week, so stay tuned!

Classic Musical –“The savants of Carleton College: Jonah and Nada”

These luminaries of the Southern Minnesota classical music scene serenade your ears with a plethora of pleasantries. If you listen to one youtube video of talented amateur classical music performers, listen to this one!

Dream House – Deafheaven

Very interesting metal, this is the direction it needs to take to stay relevant and not relegated to dudes with shitty hair. That said, no one who loves ‘real metal’ and has shitty hair would like this, or call this metal. So I dunno, maybe the split has come and gone and this is just music you might like.

The Tunnel – Mala

This album, Mala in Cuba, was described to me once as Buena Vista Social Club for dub fans. Not so much the case, but the scope of the project is ambitious, and I really respect it for that. Totally worth a listen, but I cannot promise that you will be coming back to it. The album is consistent with its theme, so I chose this song because it really reminds me of the experimental dub I listened to in High School.

Mystline (Abjo Refix) – Nujabes

If you don’t know Nujabes, I feel for you, but it’s better now. Nujabes was a Japanese hip-hop producer who made solid beats in a Blue and Exile sort of way. I was introduced to him through the show Samurai Champloo, which got me through my hernia surgery and is generally a great watch. I don’t know Abjo, so I’ll have to check that act out because I like this cut a lot.

Teenager – Black Honey

This song comes across as a stripped down Lana Del Rey song. Now Lana is a better singer, but the lack of self-obsessed flourishes that distract from Del Rey’s voice are mercifully absent. Not one for the ages, but it will stay in your head for a few days and that is a good thing.

Snow Beach – Rat King

So this group raps. But they are a cut off the old punk block. This is not always obvious in their music, but when you embrace them, that aesthetic comforts you. The song starts off slow, and never blows up, but this is the cutting edge of the New York seen. I mean that in the: you need to be from here to hear this, to feel this.

White 4– Innercity Ensemble

I’m not even sure what you call this genre. This is a avant garde group to say the least. They take the spirit of free form jazz and unleash it with a pretty unlimited array of musical backgrounds and instruments. This song is a rolling one, but it escapes the pratfalls of disjointedness that projects like this too often succumb to. For ‘jam’ to mean anything to me, in like a ‘jam band’ context, I do not think the label can be applied here. Though jams are awesome, and can foster insane solos, there is something about this song that is more alien, and less safe than what a ‘jam’ communicates to me.

Now you go have a fun weekend and learn a lot and grow a lot and all that fun stuff.

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2 Responses to Radio Head likes this music, so should you

  1. Hymenaeus Alpha says:

    black metal was successfully appropriated by late 90s/early 00s hipsterdom, so deafheaven exemplify a logical cross-fertilization that probably would have fully gestated by the late 2000s if dance/r&b hadn’t interceded. as most ecumenical metalheads dig post-rock, i’ll have to see if my sources will vouchsafe their credibility.

    ms. savage ain’t ms. mitchell, but i still feature it. the production is a very nebulous nick ray-via-tame impala-via-glenn greenwald trip, i.e. au courant fo sho. runaway cyber command non-terrestrial officers tearing it up with atavistic furor in a santa fe motel room, deep focus. good stuff.

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