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Well once again it is Wednesday, here in New York it is a wet one. Thankfully, the internet is a dry place, in terms of actual moisture. There’s a healthy amount of content here, so don’t take it in all at once. I go a bit dark in this week’s series too, it is pretty dense and heavy at times. Usually I’ll try to mix in less brow-beaten news. Better check in next week to see my progress.

Socialize the justice system

The premise here is radical, like wow. At the same time our legal system perpetuates class inequality like no other, and we never really talk about it. I know tort reform is a topic of discussion, but this is a totally new front in the cause of legal reform. It would have profound implications for the legal system, the prison-industrial complex and upend stalled progress along class and racial lines. This topic needs to be expanded on, but read this and evangelize the issue.

Buying Coffee Grounds is a bad idea

This is why you want to buy yourself some nice whole beans. That and of course the freshness that accompanies your artisan sense of superiority (deserved? yes!)

A loss on the internet privacy front

The title to this story is awful, this decision is not, nor will it be, the straw that breaks the trust-in-companies-camel’s back. But it brings up a huge ruling that is being massively ignored here in the states. Obliquely it is because the ruling is a bigger deal for Europeans, but it has stark implications in terms of what the government can force companies to do, and what information they can access no matter how much you want it to be private.

Read this, then this: NASA and the impossible

Ever need evidence to prove that racism exist in the criminal justice system?

The ACLU has a bank of information demonstrating that the effect of the drug war and the way it is enforced is racist. The criminal justice system perpetuates racial disparities, at this is neatly and definitively demonstrated here.

Rise of the White-Hispanic

The Republican party loves white people, there’s little to dispute in about that. The Republican party has a more troubled relationship with Hispanic voters. So what will happen as more Hispanics identify as White? What will that do to the ‘Hispanic identity,’ and the White one? Interesting stuff.

Happiness and Genetic Determinism

The Danes are the happiest people on Earth, maybe it isn’t because of all of that socialism.

NPR, how much complicity with the deep state?

I think the title may be a bit alarmist, NPR is as good a major media source that exists as any. The article makes all of the points it aims to, and it is now u to NPR to react in a positive way to this claim. I hope that NPR clarifies the mistakes it made and makes these counter points known.

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