J-Rock, J-Pop, J-Rap, J-Radio

Contrary to the title of this post, there will be no J-anything, I’m not sorry.

If you live in New York City, there is an awesome afro-punk festival in Brooklyn (duh) this month that you want to go to. Deets are here.

Flow Like Poe – MC Lars

In what really isn’t the crime of the century, the Nerd Core rap movement never got out of its little niche. There are some good rhymes, beats and some very fine narratives, but the whole thing was very campy. Anyway this is one of the strongest efforts out of the movement, and unlike some of the genre’s songs, it does not require an encyclopedic knowledge of the song’s subject matter to enjoy.

Gettin’ Jiggy With It (French Horn Rebellion Remix)– Will Smith

Who doesn’t remember this classic? It’s time we brought it back with a french horn section because that seems to be in this year. I have explained the existence of this song perfectly.

I Wanna F*** You– Akon

This song has somehow worked its way into my head. I hope that putting it here will allow me to change that. Not that this is a horrible song, but, its 2014 you know. Send it to your lover, it’s the sort of thing I would do.

Budding Trees – Nahko and Medicine For The People

Not my standard cup of tea, but if I’m in the mood for some come-together-acoustic good-timie-hippie music, this will probably be my go to going forward. This reminds me of my time in Eugene, Oregon. If you have never been to Eugene, this is what it is like, in song form.

Gold Skies – Elephante Remix

So this is a super up-beat dance-y song. It is also an Elephante remix, which is why it is being presented to you here today. Compare it with this other Elephante remix which I posted to get a good idea of why Hard House is the best EDM for actually dancing to. But please also remember, that it is ok to make other forms of EDM, because they can still be good, and good to dance to. I think this song has a few too many low energy points to be a great dance track though. A solid DJ could fix that pretty easily in a club though.

Trees and Birds and Fire  I am oak (sam feldt bloombox remix)

This is a nice very chill song. It gets a nice percussion going too, balanced and just what you want on a cooler day this August. Though this is Dutch, there’s no house element, this is more nature-y. But this is the kind of nature song I like more than that Pacific Northwest hippie stuff.

Flicker– Porter Robinson 

While not Japanese in spirit or origin, a sample of a Japanese woman is heavily featured. This is a cool song, something that would have been featured in Jet Set Radio Future if that video game had come out in our current time. By the way, that game had an amazing sound track, better than the game play, not that the game play was any kind of shabby. This is a very strong direction for Porter Robinson, very creative and fresh. I’m not entirely sure what type of electronica to place this song, but that’s fine. There is a metalic-robot element to the song, the vocoder isn’t the only aspect of that, but the mo-town inspired organ keeps it human and real.



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