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I got the cures for India’s unemployment, slow driving commutes and why you feel empty and sad inside when you buy things. Check it all out – and more!

India is finding great ways to defeat unemployment

India has had serious monkey problems, which seems unbecoming of an emerging power, but such is life. In what is perhaps an inspired way of taking advantage of low labor costs…honestly read for yourself, this is pretty silly and not hard to grasp.

It pays to be politically well connected: evidence of congressional corruption

This strikes the United States, just some nice solid mathematical evidence that there is persistent corruption in the form of collusion between well positioned financiers and their congressional buddies. This is because insider trading for legislators was de-criminalized in a pathetic case of letting the prisoners run the prison.

We need faster speed limits (Duh)

As anyone who has had a lot of caffeine (which is a stupid word to spell) and a car to drive can tell you, speed limits here suck. And they are worse in Canada! Thankfully some people are doing something about it,  and there is an article that praises them and give logic to my self-indulgent cause of wanting to drive faster.

The struggles of the female scientist

A great look at pervasive sexism in the sciences. Recent trends make it seem like we’ve reached something of a plateau or worse in the cause of equalizing gender representation in the STEM fields. Interesting focus on published work and most importantly, how often a woman is the first name.

A look a the changing social contract in China

Many outsiders and insiders approve of China’s anti-corruption policies, certainly on face value. Obviously the skeptics in all of us know that politics come into play in terms of which guys get to go to prison, but a rat is a rat, so its an acceptable cost. This article takes a look at the deeper implications of this policy.


Testosterone, a critical rethinking

In what is perhaps a legacy of chauvinism, I have heard many people decry their lack of testosterone (it is true, I do not know many people transitioning into a female body, where such a complaint is unlikely). But men and women both have expressed a desire for more of this hormone because it makes you strong and decisive and blah blah blah. Anyway, modern anthropological findings are indicating that our species is better off today because of an over all decrease in the presence of the chemical. Food for thought.

What gods to buy to become happy

A lot of research has indicated that experience is ‘worth’ more than tangential goods when it comes to buying happiness. This research does not upend that finding so much as amend. Worth reading if you have cash burning a whole in your pocket.



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