Indonesian Coffee

Since I am a little bit of an expert at coffee, I handily encourage you to read this blog post I’ve written about :drum roll: coffee. Now it is true that I do not exclusively blog here, sorry, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make sure to give my noble readers a chance to read my blog posts from this vaunted online venue.

A little taste:

Indonesia has a long and noble history stretching back millennia. Many of the ethnic groups in Indonesia have had mighty empires with stunning achievements in science, culture and architecture. The coffee history in Indonesia stretches back to the tail end of the 1600s.

The Dutch maritime empire had established itself on the island of Java for centuries when coffee became a sensation in Europe. Looking for ways to establish a monopoly on the trade and cut out Turkish competition, a coffee plantation was established in what is now Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. For centuries, until Brazilian coffee production ramped up in the middle of the 19th century, Indonesia produced most of the world’s coffee. This is why the word Java is synonymous with coffee.

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