I must say, I have done a pretty good job coming up with interesting songs to watch and listen to. My music video passion of the last week carried over into this week, but I also have some really fine songs that merit your attention. There is something for everyone here.

This guy is becoming super popular in Germany, so much so that the New York Times wrote about him. The music video is apparently also an add for the German supermarket chain EDEKA, which makes sense, but as far as adds and videos go, this is top notch. Better than the song too, though it is growing on me.

Angolan Death Metal

A Modern Balinese Devotional
I thought it was Bali-nesian, but I was wrong, its Bali-nese. Good to know!
I was doing a lot of research on Balinese coffee culture and along with a good cup of java, this song got me in the flow.

This One or This One – Umlilo
I cannot decide. The videos are primo

I think it is funny that I had NEVER seen this video until this week. I listened to a fair amount of New Wave in high school for a time, and Duran Duran obviously got its turn. But I just never got this video under my belt. Poor teenage Taylor, he would of loved this!

I’m going to refocus these last songs on music quality, not novelty and production value.

I like Slow Magic’s old stuff, and their new work is proving to be a move in a great direction. A really solid Bonobo quality to this song. The build is epic, I could see this blowing up a live set with some live instrumentals going berserk. But it also has that really classy element which never feels out of place. If you listen to one song from these cluster, this one.

I got a real reward for the wise who read this deep. Ana Tijoux is an amazing rapper from Chilé, and the title song from her new album is freaking amazing. The new album is also freaking amazing, NPR called it ‘virtually flawless’ and they are NPR – so you know it is the truth.
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