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UK Psychology research digest’s First Impressions

Tips for meeting people

Governments run by for-profit corporations will devolve into state violence

This sort of throws a wrench into the idea that we can privatize everything. If the state is wholly unable to curb the selfish inclinations of large corporate interests, those institutions are going to exhibit the negative qualities that anti-statists fear in governments.

Differences in social structures change the rate of change of social norms

This explains why the socially diverse United States has adapted to anti-smoking laws far faster than socially cohesive Sweden. The social cohesiveness means that social norms of the past can have incredible inertia behind them, making some forms of change very hard. Though it also means that the changes are often more readily internalized when they occur.

Fun with digital image to audio back to image conversions

Dude, check this out!

The consumption gap, more important than the income gap?

This makes a lot of sense to me. We live in a consumption economy here in the West, and even more so the United States. It is the social model upcoming nations like China aspire to. But what we see is that even though income growth is warped towards institutionalized elites, consumption is even more warped. And since consumption is more important, and unless you have a real raw money fetish, more fun, than actual income, the fact that this gap is larger and growing is a huge problem.

LARPing as education? You bet!

If you don’t know LARPing, watch Role Models, a charming film. Then revel in the fact that a serious educational body looked at that and said, “yes, that is for the kids now.” I have to say, I’m not terribly surprised it works.

El Science:

Gut microbes react to diets differently based on gender

This almost certainly comes down to what sort of environment your hormone blend fosters (your own personal house blend if you will allow the coffee metaphor). But it means that diets are going to need to take gender into effect to be any kind of serious.

Early dieting leads to health issues later in life

Nutrition is #1


Good to know!

And if you want to make some great Indonesian Coffee, buy some great Indonesian Coffee!



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