Good Weekend my friends! This edition is a bit light on quantity, but oh lawd is it thick in quality. This has been a recycling good music week for me, not too much cutting edge came my way that had a point. And the next week may turn out similarly because I could just listen to this collection of songs over and over. But hopefully the music gods will send me some new stuff that is fun to listen to.

Deadweight – Beck

An old song, it never made it deep into the cultural consciousness because it was tied in with a god-awful movie. But the song is peak Beck, and the video is an absolute Gondry masterpiece. Back in the good old days of mtv…

Fam And Foolies – Sulaiman & Chance The Rapper

I had never heard of Sulaiman, but if you like a classic Chance the Rapper schtick, this is your jam. I think I’m in need of an over all rap break out kinda of soon, this is like methadone, but as a rap addict, I need MORE.

Sneaky Pete –Lee Morgan

Just a delightful Jazz diddy. It is upbeat, it has the smooth classy feel that stop being original in music made after the 70s and the craftsmanship of the tune is unquestionable. Make this a centerpiece of your Sunday playlist to achieve that most satisfying air of cultured accoutrement.

Pajaro –Bomba Estereo

The build up is a wee bit suspect, but the payoff is very rewarding. Most of the stuff I’ve found from Latin America that has really spoken to me has been from Chile, which is weird because Mexico (vast rock portfolio and extensive number of successful regional styles), Brazil (speaks for itself) or Argentina (traditional zenith of new world Spanish-language culture) would be the obvious cultural exporters. I felt bad about giving Chile too much of the spot light though over all of the other songs I’ve been enjoying, so this band is a great group for Colombia.

Journey Through Time –The Shaolin Afronauts

So if you dig that afro-beat sound this is the group for you. I am unaware of a contemporary group making is groove like this, certainly without some direct Kuti-blood in their veins. They hail from aussie town, and the name (and that is baaddddd name) is hardly the coolest thing about these guys.





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