Radical and Awesome

A fix to the gerrymandering problem?

This article takes a look at different methods of solving the issue of how to fairly represent people in congress. Though some political scientists are unconvinced that gerrymandering is as bad as people say, it seems inherently unfair, and there are cool ideas presented here. A lot of work was done by this site.

How much do you need to make in your state to maximize happiness?


The BRICS made a bank to counter western monetary dominance

Since the Second World War the IMF and the World Bank have given the western world the financial clout to dictate terms to the developing world that is in need of capitol. The BRICS started a bank to change this. This is a pretty complex issue because this bank could end up pretty benign or as the start of something big. As far as primers go, it isn’t what I would have written, but it touches on some of the biggest topics that surround this new bank.

Legalize prostitution?

Indoor prostitution was accidentally legalized in our tiniest state. This article takes a look at what happened there, and thinks about what would happen if the nation experimented with a legal sex trade. Confirmed my pro-legalization inclination.

Criminalize tipping?

I like to be a capitalist when it comes to tipping. You serve me well, I tip generously, you serve poorly, I don’t. I know people who just go 15% or 20% no matter what. You also have people who don’t tip (wtf?). This article argues that we should adopt the global matter of paying our workers better.

The most important aspect of urban living: food

The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. This is also true of everyone else. A good restaurant scene is making and keeping neighborhoods and cities cool. Not a surprise (to me) but it is cool that this has been quantified.

Can you erase the internet?

As BeyoncĂ©’s lawyers found out, getting content off the web can be a nightmare, and impossible. Sadly, that is not the case for the minorities of China. The PRC has had tremendous success at suppressing unfavored ethnic groups, and this has extended to a remarkable extent online. A chilling look at how authoritarianism has been able to stay ahead of the internet in some cases.

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